New HasLab Vintage Collection Ghost Images Unveiled

To celebrate the Star Wars The Vintage Collection The Ghost HasLab reaching its initial backer goal, Hasbro has released a new batch of images of this impressive ship based on the paint model of the item.

These images give a more accurate picture of what the stunning final product will look like.

With 22 days left in the HasLab campaign – now is the perfect time to back the project if you haven’t already to help assemble the full Ghost crew! The project currently has 10.3K backers, leaving it just short of 700 away from adding the exclusive Vintage Collection Ezra Bridger figure to the project (11,000 total backers needed). 14,000 total backers are needed for the Kanan Jarrus figure and 17,000 total backers for the Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios figure.

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