Funko ‘Pop! Yourself’ Officially Launches

Funko, the leading pop culture lifestyle brand, officially launched Pop! Yourself, its highly anticipated personalized product offering that allows consumers to make Pop! replicas of themselves, friends and loved ones. 

A massive success at launch (8/22), the line far exceeded Funko’s projections for day-to-day sales on its first day!

In celebration of Funko’s annual Funkoween event and Halloween, POP! Yourself is introducing two costume choices – a skeleton and mummy! The newest, spooky collection also includes multiple pumpkin accessories, a witch’s broom and a ghostly, must-have friend! **This Halloween assortment is only available for a limited time, so celebrate the spooky season with POP! Yourself while it lasts.**

As part of the POP! Yourself core line, the brand is also continuing to celebrate key life moments with the introduction of babies! These new additions will make their debut in their own boxes with existing or all-new accessories, like a baby’s bottle. Whether you or a loved one are welcoming a new baby, this must-have gift is the perfect go-to for a baby shower, baby announcement, or recently welcomed bundle of joy!

How does this relate to Star Wars? You can include a lightsaber accessory! Who doesn’t want their own likeness as a Funko Pop! with a Lightsaber?

9/20 UPDATE: Funko had their Pop! Yourself Press event and big announcements were made! There is now a TikTok filter that launched in support of the line today! Check out the video below!

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