3 3/4" figures Rogue One

Apr 28, 2013
RO figures are starting to show up at the discount stores (Five Below, Tuesday Morning, etc...) I picked up an extra Chirrut and Krennick for $5 each at Five Below.

There's also plenty of TFA figures, too. Found Unkar Plutt figure today at Five Below.

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Aug 16, 2001
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Stopped in a Tuesday Morning: they had some at $2.99 (for that price, I picked up an Imperial Ground Crew I never bought), some at $3.99 (I guess I never found a Scarif Trooper? so I might head back), and some TBS for $4.99 (I picked dup the FO Executioner). I passed on the 6" ones (Krennic, Baze).

[edit] I did! I did go back and buy one!
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