6" Gamorrean Guard


Jedi Council Member
Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
It's a very good figure...
  • It comes with the 2 axes and the poleaxe, the former are well-painted, the latter is not painted.
  • The belt is movable, as are the rubbery upper shoulder armor pieces.
  • The helmet is glued down.
  • The mouth opens wide.
  • Weight-saving measures were taken on the "diaper", it's largely hollow, but it looks fine so I give it a pass.
  • The fur skirt works, doesn't inhibit the mid-torso joint.
  • Range of motion is fair, the neck can't tilt or turn much, the rest of the articulation works adequately.
  • The joints are all tight except the wrist hinges, that may be a one-off issue on mine.
Buy it when you can, Target has a lot of exclusives this season and it may get crowded out, if demand doesn't take it first.