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Grand Master
Aug 1, 2001
Some of you may be aware and some may not but I have started another site:

If you like the recent changes of SSG, then you'll like as it will be familiar. We also have former Tomart's Action Figure Digest Editor, Nathan, as the Senior Editor.

Give a try when you are looking for non Star Wars Action Figure and Collectible News. We are also looking for reporters so if you are really into something other than Star Wars, drop us an e-mail.


Jedi Knight
Aug 18, 2001
Visit site
I have enough daily stops on the web as it is. It's going to be hard to fit another one into my schedule.


Jedi Apprentice
Nov 13, 2001
Saint John, N.B. Canada
stillakid said:
Spend a little less time at ******.com or visit hmm....
I'd think Caesar would rather go to ******.com first, I know I would. If he finds the time afterwards, well lets just say that's not going to happen as one knows ******.com is really time consuming. (At least from what I've been told).:yes: :D lol