Article: 'Star Wars' star Billy Dee Williams Sells Beverly Hills Home


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Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
That would be so cool. You go for a swim in the pool and then you press a button on the side and a man with a remote-controlled head set comes and hands you a beach towel.

Then a slave girl enters and you say, "Now who might you be?" :tennis:


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
I know that neighborhood, it's pretty deep into Beverly Hills, it looks like he's getting a good price for it in this market since it's kinda mid-sized. He's doubling his original investment though, with inflation he paid only $1.2mil in today's dollars. I hope he is only doing this to get away from LA and relax.

Looks like a nice place, I don't like the colors, and the angles on that pool seem downright dangerous, but the deck looks neat, and it keeps the theme up there of foliage that's a little out of control.