Black Series Han Solo Mimban Mud Trooper Is Good


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
6" Han Solo (Mimban) from Solo: A Star Wars Story, is a good figure worth tracking down. It's Han as a Swamp Trooper, aka a Mudtrooper; when you put his goggles and mask on, he becomes a generic mudtrooper. The figure comes with 5 accessories:
  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Breather Mask
  • Cloak
  • E-10 Blaster Rifle
  • Great sculpting of the outfit
  • Great integration of the helmet, goggles, and mask
  • Cloak is removable, integrates over the armor clasps, has cutouts for breather hoses
  • Breather's rubber hoses plug into back panel
  • Scanner at the front of E-10 rifle movable/removable
  • Face paint looks very realistic
  • Doubles as generic trooper figure with ease
  • Outfit weathering paint is pretty good
  • Decent range of motion for arms, torso, legs
  • Excellent paint and sculpt on the E-10 blaster rifle
  • Both hands hold weapon easily
  • No extended trigger finger on left hand(!)
  • Breather sculpted to hold onto face very well
  • Likeness not that reminiscent of Alden Ehrenreich
  • Goggles are totally opaque black
  • Cloak can be dislodged easily
  • Helmet opening a little narrow at the top
  • Ankle joints could be integrated better
  • Elbow joints can push against back side of forearm joint a little, causing stress marking
  • Head movement restricted up and down
Overall Grade: A
- Not a fantastic likeness of Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, but passable wearing the helmet, and the figure is just really good overall with 5 accessories (plus a 6th if you count the removable scanner thing on the E-10 blaster), great sculpting, strong paint, and a figure that can easily be an army-builder for the miserable mudtroopers.
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