Black Series Moloch (from Solo)


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
Black Series Moloch is a Target-exclusive deluxe-sized figure who originally sold for $30 then dropped to $25 where the figure languished. While he's enjoyed several price drops and sales, the $11.50 they had him for last night was the tipping point for me, I finally bought one.

Moloch is the giant worm guy in robes and armor who is one of Lady Proxima's gang, Moloch chases young Han during the opening speeder chase and the main antagonist on Corellia. Apparently he's one of the few White Worms who will actually go out into daylight, his armor protecting him. With his face armored, he looks menacing and alien and mysterious; with his face armor out of the way, he seems vulnerable and awkward and puppety in a good way. Moloch's merely a henchman in the film, but he gets a lot of screentime in that first act and represents a new race, so I get why they chose to make a figure of him.

This Moloch figure is nearly as tall as Chewbacca and pretty heavy to boot. His lower body is a salt shaker, albeit a well-sculpted one with rubber for his inner worm body. He's got standard Black Series arm articulation, a ball-jointed midsection, and under his face armor a ball-jointed head. It's enough for this unique character, but it's really not much for this line and doubly so for this pricepoint. I would have liked to have seen the armor portion of the head articulate, perhaps lean or turn in some way, but I get there's only so much one can do. His outfit has a rubbery lower skirt and outer robe, all of it properly sculpted. His head armor has a pair of rubbery hoses leading down to his belt.

Moloch comes with his walking stick and his blaster pistol, both enjoy paint and fit in his hands well; his blaster also fits in the holster on his belt, though the gun can be knocked out easily due to its wide design. Moloch also comes with a removable face plate for his armor, sculpted and painted just like the film; the lower part of the face plate is attached to the armor and swings down to give access. His accessories are all well-sculpted, nothing was left bland

Moloch's got pretty decent paint, nothing outstanding but most of it looks pretty good, most surfaces have some weathering. In fact, the only real issues are a missing stripe of beige on the upper face armor, a bit of slop on the robe border and the skirts are unweathered on the lower sides and back. Since Moloch's mask in the film retracts, his actual worm head has the sides and top of the mask sculpted to his head just behind his face, and these sections are properly painted as well. His eyes have that eerie light blue color, and are painted with a bit of orange blush around them, it looks nice. His wormy face is painted a slightly different tone of beige from the armor hood, it doesn't really show up all that well at first look but it's good they didn't leave it unpainted.

All in all, I like this figure enough at $11.50, it's a good alien design, menacing and mysterious. At full price it was a tougher call, I'm not super attached to the character, he is a salt shaker from the waist down, and he's not a main guy in the film, but he's not a bad figure by any stretch thanks to good paint, great sculpting, and decent accessories.


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Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I would have bought him if they made Ribault and of course hun in his youth. Maybe the patrol Troopers woodwork to make a little scene. I don't know if they will revisit solo ever but because they did not make Han they could definitely do that figure. But I would also like a Kira from Castle and tolsite and a guard.

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Nov 9, 2018
I bought one at full price when Moloch first came out. Picked up a second one on clearance.