Derryl DePriest let go from Hasbro


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
It was brought to my attention that Derryl was let go from Hasbro recently. Turned out it was last month, and it was 2 months shy of his 18th year at Hasbro:

Honestly, it's tragic that Hasbro cannot see what a skilled brand manager they had in Derryl. You look at the Star Wars brand under his leadership and compare it to today, it's like night and day, one is a great success using its resources to full effect, the other feels lost in a sea of mistakes.

Derryl righted the ship in the early '00s when the brand was floundering, unable to grasp any clue what the fans or casual collectors wanted. He put it onto the path of success by replacing unpopular action gimmicks with super articulation and brought back the "vintage" look that spoke to fans of all ages, redefining the line for a whole new generation and setting the benchmark for years to come. Derryl was also a fantastic herald of the brand at conventions by talking with fans on the floor, taking interviews (which I was proud to be a part of), and being a true fanboy as well as brand manager.

Hopefully, Derryl is doing well in his post-Hasbro days and will finally get down to writing that second book he's been hinting at for so long (he already wrote a book on GI Joe before he worked at Hasbro).
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