Disney Parks should add a 6-inch Build-a-Droid Figure


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Aug 14, 2001
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In thinking about this last night, it dawned on me that Star Wars Galaxy's Edge doesn't really offer enough for children, and part of that is because the cost of entry on 2 of the elements - build-a-lightsaber and build-a-remote-control-droid - are way too high for a lot of kids, ranging between $100 and $200. The parks seem to be winding down their 3.75-inch-scale build-a-droid figures, and in general the 3.75-inch action figure seems to be falling by the wayside with kids and casual collectors. Yet 6-inch figures seem to remain the scale of choice for action figure lines right now.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge has a great shop in the form of the Droid Depot, but the interest in the build-a-remote-control-droid centerpiece of the store has dwindled considerably since the land opened last year, partly due to high cost, partly due to not even being able to play with your R/C droids in Galaxy's Edge. (The buildable R/C droids have passive interactivity with the land, you carry them around in their cardboard containers and, depending on the personality you chose for yours, they will respond via sounds differently to various areas of the land.)

Perhaps adding a stall for building 6-inch-scale astromechs could breathe new life into kid interactions and lower-priced sales. Different domes and body combinations just like the 3.75-inch-scale build-a-droid stall in Tomorrowland, and instead of including a hat accessory, the body and dome could have opening panels, and the store could sell booster packs with various accessories that plug into the panels, and foot wires since the reversible legs of the 3.75-inc-scale build-a-droids require removing those wires. Maybe there could be a cheap packaging system that prints a random astromech name on the package, or you can customize the name on the box (assume that would be an upcharge). Let's aim it at a $20 pricepoint for the figures, 3 or 4 astromech bodies and domes in multiple color schemes, and $12 booster packs with the accessories.

That wouldn't affect interaction in the land, but it might just widen the net of interest while simultaneously filling a need with Hasbro's The Black Series 6-inch-scale figure line - hopefully also fixing the scale problem that Hasbro has continued to suffer with their astromechs.
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Aug 16, 2001
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It's D-O.
D-O will save them. And, not only will it be lucrative financially to build this new droid model, it will work as a functioning fan (when days in the park are hot), heater (on cooler/cold days or evenings), and hair drier (if staying in a hotel; they'll not longer carry them in-room, Forcing [pun intended] guests to buy them if they need to use 'em). Simplicity itself. : brusheshands :

Oh, and Build-A-Sith-Dagger (with cryptic directions enscribed, to stars' homes) should be next, too.
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