Disney's Legacy Sabers


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Nov 12, 2002
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As a lightsaber collector, I was really impressed from what I saw when Disney rolled out the Legacy Lightsabers with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge a couple of years ago. I was impressed that they had attempted some never before done sabers that had been on my wish list (Ahsoka and Asajj leap to mind) but even better, is that all of their sabers have a removable blade which meant that people like me didn’t have to choose between purchasing a high-quality replica hilt or a light up saber with a fixed blade! As a Northern California resident who gets to Disneyland every few years, I wasn’t in any particular hurry to get down to the park and I wasn’t going to pay the exorbitant mark-ups that I was seeing from online scalpers.

Unfortunately, with Covid, I haven’t been able to get down to the park like I thought I would and frankly, given the virus’ tenacity, it may very well be some time before I and my family are comfortable going to the park at all. I’ve also now read that with the roll out of some new sabers (Dooku… drool) some of the older legacy sabers are going to be retired. Right now, there’s only speculation regarding which ones it will be (at least as far as I’ve seen) and so I’m obviously concerned that some of the ones I’ve got my eye on won’t even be available if/when I get into the park again.

So, all of this does have me looking online and thinking about pulling the trigger on some of my “can’t miss” sabers before they’re gone. But before I overpay (as it looks like I might have to since these sell out immediately online even from shopdisney.com immediately) I was wondering if anyone could speak to the quality/durability etc. of the sabers generally. Better still for the ones I’m most interested in: Luke’s ROTJ, Asajj, and Ahsoka (Rebels). For example, I’ve heard that the Ahsoka blades have some color issues where the white blades look yellow at the tips. Any in put would be most welcomed!