Do You?/Could You?/Should They? (musical identification)

Bel-Cam Jos

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Aug 16, 2001
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There have been some bands and artists that came out for public listening around the same time, and either due to personal or managerial choice sounded very similar. I know many of you (us?) are musical aficionados and might be able to, but can you tell them apart by songs as you hear them? Perhaps some of the following artists:

Great White, Whitesnake
Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato
Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance
Linda Ronstat, Crystal Gayle
Quad City DJs, Wrecks N Effect
The Drifters, Four Tops
Culture Club, Dead or Alive
Tiffany, Debbie Gibson
Screaming Trees, Seven Mary Three

Or others? I know there are several songs that when I hear them pop up on the radio, I have to guess (and often guess wrong) who performed it.