Eeth Koth- the high strung member of the Council


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Aug 17, 2001
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Eeth Koth

My first impression of Eeth was that he looked like he was from a comic book. I haven't decided weather this is good or bad.:confused: Even though the pose is a bit much. I was just hoping that the new saber would look a little more tappered towards the end, instead of being straight. But, the flare at the bottom looks cool too. All I know is the AOTC figures better have saber handles that fit on their belts.:mad:


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
Originally posted by Pellaeon
Yes, they are toys, but the problem with fixed action poses is that the figures frequently don't fit well into vehicles. Now, if his legs and arms are articulated so he could be bent to fit into an X-Wing, then thats okay.

In terms of playing with the toys, I'm too old now. Heck, I got made fun of at work when I was holding my Gumby character, Prickle (okay, no dirty jokes!)
Yes, I couldn't agree more about how the action pose is limiting to the figure fitting in the vehicles Pellaeon! Also, just because they're toys doesn't mean they ALWAYS have to be played with in a violent manner.

Prickle, was he the dinosaur-type guy with a sorta bad attitude?

PloKoon, when I bought your namesake figure, he was trapped in that robe of his... for about five minutes till I whipped out a knife. Free and clear to navigate, and my Plo now has a high-stepping action pose with his saber over his head in his right hand & his left hand stretched out in front of him in a Force-move. You can't do that with figures like POTJ Lando, which is a real shame because I think the most important part of these toys is the versatility, allowing a kid's mind to go beyond what they see on the screen, to make up their own Expanded Universe where Luke pilots a B-wing, where Han copilots a Snowspeeder with Wedge on a secret mission, or where Obi-Wan must fly a Naboo Fighter to stop a war before it begins.


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Aug 16, 2001
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Yes, Prickle was the yellow dinosaur with the bad attitude, kinda whined alot. I can just see him as a short lived sith apprentice....:p

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are making all of these new figs. Hopefully, however, these are protypes and they make a few "adjustments" before we see them on the cards.