Embed videos?


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
The system has that ability, but it is locked out here due to concerns over potential abuse - inappropriate material, specifically. The next version of the forums software may have additional tools to make it easier to manage the level of content that can be allowed, locking out anything over a certain rating, but right now it's too loose.

Darth Jax

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i don't think i need any videos embedded. there are 2 main reasons i made SSG my default star wars forums: the civility of posters here and the limitations on graphics/videos in posts /sigs. some forum sites you can't even read the forums because the sheer volume of graphics in a sig dominates the entire page.


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Aug 1, 2001
We'll see what happens... and I am with you on the graphics/sigs... nothing more irritating (aka waste of my time) than having a ton of images embedded and long signatures. I have not experienced the video yet within the new version and if it does not open in a modal window (an overlay like the photos do), then they just may remain off. I'll be testing it soon though. We are already preparing for the new forum and news system (which is a total-overhaul) and there will be much more interaction between the forum and news. One new feature is the ability to submit a forum post as news directly from the forum. My goal is to get more interaction (comments) within our news posts and the new CMS (Content Management System) seamlessly integrates (no more cookie issues). It's still a few months away but it should be a good change.