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Darth Cruel

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Aug 16, 2001
Southern California
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I wanted to start this thread for a few reasons. Obviously, to get the feedback is the primary one. I have been on the boards for a long time, but I have only traded a few times. There were spme other times that I sent out items such as a Skiff, a Y-Wing, a 12" Speeder Bike and a few other things without asking for anything in return (even payment). But those things were stretched out over a long period. And it is beginning to become a little more frequent now.

I am also doing it this way because I think it is more organized and it is easier to check feedback on a given memeber if they have a thread dedicated to them. If they get buried to far back, all you need to do is a search for "Feedback for (member)" and the thread will come up.

In addition, it gives me (or whomever the member is that the thread represents) an opportunity to respond to comments.

Another plus to this format is that if you do make a trade and that person does not leave can do at least tell it from your side.

So everyone I have dealt with or gifted past, present and future, please feel free to let everyone know what happened (good or bad).