Figures Hasbro needs to make fm Disney SW


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Aug 16, 2001
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This regards 3 3/4"

Cassian Andor
1) Imperial uniform
2) tan shirt, no jacket
3) pilot vest

1) Vandor, snow coat, goggles
2) Mimbam, mud trooper

1) Jedi Master, Crait

1) General, TFA

1) goggles, Vandor heist

1) Endor - blasted at the bunker

1) cold weather impound lot coat
2) Hawaiian shirt

1) officer uniform, jacket open
2) white shirt, no jacket, pilot

1) extension arms, lighter, etc

1) helmet cracked, face showing

1) carded FO cpl. (black pauldron)

1) FO officer, tunic open

1) black dress, Crimson Dawn capo
2) Kessel, white with red cape

1) Mimbam or Vandor, 1 is coming

1) Mimbam or Vandor

1) mudtrooper disguise

Praetorian Guard
1) square head (from 2pk with Rey)
2) "Mando helmet" from Force link

Lady Proxima
Drydan Vos
Vos' black armor guard
Enfys Nest, removable helmet
Cloud Rider Marauder 1
Cloud Rider Marauder 2
Wookiee slave revolt

Huge amount of aliens like Scissorspunch, Maz' castle, and Droids from Kessel revolt, resistance base
Yeah I miss the cinema scenes too. I am not really into the 6inch figures that much, maybe here and there but I do like the 3.75 inch figures. They should make more from Rogue one, Solo and mix them up instead of keep giving us a kylo ren in every assortment it seems. Make some more robots on single cards or even a battle pack. I miss those as well., I just seen on another Star Wars site that the Tank from Rogue one will be around 79.99 retail. It looks ok, I will get it but then they need to put out more troops from the movie Rogue one. The could do the train from Solo by selling one piece of the train with a different figure so you can make the train short or as long as you like. Just my thoughts.
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Aug 16, 2001
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Timdanjon, how do I like your post more than one time? I really want them to make that train!

I think if they do it exactly as you described, or have the cars come with range Troopers to Army build...

Chewie needs to be redone with the visor like the target Black Series exclusive but in 3 and 3/4 in.

I don't know what outfits val and beckett, will be wearing, but I'm sure Rio will not debut in mud Trooper disguise, though that would be an awesome figure down the line. Han needs the snow coat. Probe droids were a little bit different models.

And there needs to be different Cloud Riders with their speeder bikes.

The probes could come with Han, Val, and Beckett. An exclusive pilot with the front car of the train. Chewie would sell carded, with his fur sculpted as being blown in the Wind like the flashback Hoth Chewie from 1999 - a good stand-in, but with removable goggles.

Rio Durant would also sell well carded.

The AT hauler could be made with no figures packed in so it would be cheaper. Or that could be how you would get the exclusive Rio Durant as a mud Trooper. He took the uniform off inside the ship.

I want to hang the swoop bikes around the vehicle and create paper mache mountains.

This is really a diorama I am dying to do. The other ones that could be possible, not so much. I would use the aliens from the sabaac game as filler in other dioramas. I would be doing that even if I was making the game scene. But I love how it played out in the movie.

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Aug 16, 2001
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I found Moloch yesterday. His blister was smooshed, but for an opener collector, no big woop. Now, I've just got to open him up.
Guess what? His mask is (somewhat) removable; it still stays connected with the plastic strap, but it reveals his face.

[edit] And here are 2 pics to prove it:


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Aug 16, 2001
Where 'text' & 'friend' are nouns
I would like to see the wave 4 figures in stores: they have already been made; how's 'bout lettin' us actually buy 'em, eh Hasbro? They all look nice; I hope they don't end up like so many other product lines' last waves (SW Legacy, Indy Jones, etc.) that become impossible to find outside of over-priced $econdary market$. :mad:
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