Happy Birthday Tycho


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Aug 18, 2001
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Happy birthday Sir, I hope you get an army builder's worth of your new action figure. :grin:


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Feb 10, 2005
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Mr. Tycho, Happy Birthday to you....and many more!


Sith Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! That was a nice surprise.

Wow. A birthday is like your 365th day anniversary or personal new year each and every year.

Well, for me, they are getting stranger every year.

This year Hasbro made me a Star Wars action figure ;) Who'd have thought? Now I know how TheDarthVader feels, well sort of 1/90th of the way he feels.

And yeah, thanks to Michael Bay, the Transformers got to star in a live action movie that I've yearned for since probably 1984. (You can see the robots in between shots of all the humans, and sort of distinguish between them when 2 get in a fight who are at least marginally different colors.)

So while I'm enjoying that, I am staying alive. After 2005, the question of "how many more birthdays will I have?" has always been roaming around in my mind. While none of us know the answer to that question about anyone else (except for whomever you plan to kill), we also can't know that about ourselves.

I still hold on to hopes that:

1) I'll finish and successfully publish my book to great acollades
2) I'll get a big house and display all my toys the way I want to
3) I'll find myself in a great relationship with the best girl for a few good years

Then if I achieve these things, I'll look towards:

1) working on the movie adaptation of my book
2) writing more books and developing a great reputation as an author
3) entering politics
4) creating a Grand Army
5) building my own Death Star
6) taking over the planet earth
7) making the world a better place!

One day it would be awesome if I had enough to fly everyone over for the San Diego Comic Con, and have you all over as my guests for a visit to my displayed collection, like it was Rancho Obi-Wan or something, and just enjoy what we all had as a hobby.

JediMasterSal, I'd request that you stayed the longest and helped me with my own dioramas. I'd do the same for you. In your collection, I'm especially interested in Utopau.

General Grievous, it would be the height of all humor around here if you actually found a cake that was shaped like Michael Bay's head! LOL