Hasbro Solo items clearance at Wal-Mart.

Feb 13, 2018
I found very good mark downs at Wal-Mart. Kissel Run Falcon marked down to $74. I was also surprised they had a Lego version of Kissel Run Falcon at markdown at $119. Also multiple Hasbro vehicles such as the Mimba Scout Walker at $21 and Han Solo Landspeeder at $21. The regular action figure line also marked down at $5 and Luke Wampa set is at $15. So check out your Wal Mart for these deals.
Here in Florida, I got the last wave of 2.0 figures for 5.00 each. They do have the small vehicles marked down to 15.00 as well. I know the toy manager and I asked her about the Vintage Tie and she said that would not be marked down cause they reset on January 14 and it is going forward, same as the New Adventures star wars Figures.