Hasbro to crowd-fund Jabba's Sail Barge toy

I got the email. Haven’t checked my card yet, but sometimes it takes a day or two.
Thanks. I think it will be Monday or Tuesday, either way I am glad I got one now instead of waiting for the secondary market. Seen someone preselling one on ebay for $2000 the other day. I cant imagine how much I would have to pay when it actually comes out if I had waited till later.
I put it on my debt card so I am always checking to see if its gone yet. I dont feel I have it till they take the money. Never thought I would be waiting and happy for someone to take my money but they need to hurry up already. Well its Saturday so they probably wont take it out till Monday or after. Thanks for the feed back


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Aug 14, 2001
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Thanks. I think it will be Monday or Tuesday, either way I am glad I got one now instead of waiting for the secondary market. Seen someone preselling one on ebay for $2000 the other day. I cant imagine how much I would have to pay when it actually comes out if I had waited till later.
Honestly, just because they're asking $2000 doesn't mean they'll ever get it. There's some pretty silly ebay auctions out there for Star Wars stuff.
OK good news, they took the money out this morning. I do realize that just cause they were asking 2000 doesn't mean much but for the price of 532 with tax, it would not be cheap to buy if you did not get one now. Look at the Vintage style boxed BMF from Toys r us, it sold at 250 and now you cant get one in the box for under 600 if not more. Also look at the Legos Falcon that came out end of last year beginning of this year, sold retail at around 800 and people were buying it and then reselling on line for double that. So yes I was worried that if I did not pull the trigger now, it would cost me too much later. I am a collector and I don't have a trust fund so to be able to get it at retail is a lot better then buying it from someone that doubles the price or more.
I'm an opener, and I'm going to put mine in sand. So I definitely am glad I got charged today or yesterday. This will be worth the money and too expensive on the secondary Market.
Thats why I got mine now. I dont want to have to pay some out outrages price when I can just pay a high prices now but still cheaper then what they will be next year when they start shipping.I have not got the book yet but its coming according to the email. happy hunting guys and gals.


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Aug 16, 2001
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I got my book today and have been enjoying reading it. I have not ready the part about making ROTJ, but went directly to reading about Hasbro and the creation of the sail barge.

I would have liked a little bit more of a biography of Mark Bordeaux, more interviews of him and his history with Kenner, going back all the way to the 1979 Falcon. Maybe in the next project?

I also would like more insight into hearing about the board decision to create HasLab.

Star Wars has long catered to the high end collector - there is SideShow with Hot Toys that takes non-refundable deposits. I have not seen pre-orders for Poe Dameron or Endor Leia yet, but Rey TLJ training has taken a deposit. I would assume that they don't start production until they get a lot of deposits.

By contrast, Hasbro has focused on selling their stuff to "mass buyers" for Wal-Mart, Target, and suffered a huge loss with the closing of Toys R Us. I am not sure how Amazon is going to work the market for the future with further decline of brick and mortar. I don't think Amazon stocks mass-market stuff. Sure - their exclusives. But BIgBadToyStore and Ent.Earth that sell case assortments also stock way less than brick and mortar retailers.

I'd also like a book that addresses "how badly they will WOUND US with HasLab?" Jocasta Nu was an obscurity that diorama builders wanted (I bought 2) and that jokesters wanted to test Hasbro with (will they make the character behind the characters that was to the left of the other character?). Well, if it's Ephant Mon, that turns out great. But I actually want both the other Queens of Naboo - Jamilla and even forgot the name of the one from ROTS, but I want to make dioramas - not keep them on stylish cards. [Oh, and I don't want to be forced to buy a screen scene with figures I already have to get Jamilla - like Travel Gown Padme, R2, and Anakin in the pull-over, but a black outfit Sio Bibble could be nice.] So....is HasLab an outlet? Can they not be greedy, but fair if they do this - which includes a semi-acceptable price and not forcing "screen scenes" with figures you already have?]

What about specialty collections like CW figures like Palpatine, Amidala, Dutchess Satine, Bail Organa....ones "kids" would find boring but those of us "adult-styled fans who want SW 'House of Cards' action figures" could (or could not) crowd fund?

What about finishing the 21 backs (22 with blue Snaggletooth) for 6" black series? So we get Hammerhead, Walrusman, Power Droid? And obscurities or low-demand characters for 2019 TPM 20th Anniversary figures like kid Anakin, JarJar or 2020 40th Anniv ESB figures like Ugnaught, 2-1B, Cloud Car Pilot...while "42 backing" the original Luke Bespin figure and IG-88, Yoda etc. would sell fine in brick and mortar stores.

Could the X-wing for black series 6" be made this way? They made the TIE. But honestly I would've liked OT stuff better, so now it needs to be Poe's X-wing and the 4 engine style Luke flies looks so much better! But maybe that doesn't need to be even $500?

Or is $500 now a benchmark and they plan on taking it higher and higher? The equivalent for $500 would be:

Blockade Runner
Star Destroyer (modest size....9 feet or less...and 9 feet would be more than $500)
Medical Frigate
Trade Federation Freighter
Invisible Hand
Clone Wars Republic Cruiser styles
The Ghost from Rebels
The Twilight from CW

Or if this new Falcon is done for $100, can HasLab not do cheaper vehicles ($100 - 200) like the Jedi transport from CW that looks like a clown fish shape?

Or make specialty vehicles for the $60 range (which ought to be $30) like the Mandalorian attack crafts, repainting one for Darth Maul?

Anyway, I think a book about HasLab and the discussions they've had internally, would be fascinating. I don't think that's a corporate secret. They don't have to attribute the quote to the employee that wants to charge $50 per 3 3/4" figure if they make Riff Tamsen from Clone Wars finally - or an undead Night Sister? Ventress as a Bounty Hunter?
I have not got my book yet but I know its on the way since I got the email and they took the money. This was ruff for me but I would rather pay the high price of 532(with tax) then later have to pay a more outrageous price. Next time they should take deposits and give you so many payments if they are going to take a year to produce the toy. Deposits should be non refundable as well. Cant wait to have the thing in my house. I have so much already that it takes up a 20 foot long x 12 wide room that was originally the storage add on to the place and now its referred to the star wars room. My bedroom is full of it as well. Looks like the scene from the 40 year old virgin. Most of the guys that have seen my room think its a teenagers room cause all the figures hanging every were on every space including front and back of my bedroom door and the front of my bathroom door. Its slowly creeping its way into the living room and my roommate is not too happy bout it but its my passion. Told him when the hurricanes come, first thing is we grab all the star wars stuff then if there is time we will grab his Halloween animatronics. Ill take pics sometime and post a few on here of my room and some of the storage room and his animatronics like Jason, Freddy, Micheal, Chucky, Tiffany, Ezibelle or how ever you call her. They are up year round in here. He dresses them for each holiday, right now its Cingo De mio so they have on Sombreros and ponchos lol.
Feb 13, 2018
Yeah, the book is awesome. Pretty cool stuff. I really hope this thing arrives before January 2019. I got two of them, one to leave in the box, and the other to open. Glad we getting Yak Face along with it. They need to make a Sarlacc Pit playset to go along with it. If not, I will make one for my set.


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Aug 16, 2001
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I am in a Facebook group specifically for people who backed the barge. It is constantly active with people Gathering the patrons and discussing customizing sarlacc pits and also building their own larger more accurate skiffs. This is a very active group.


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Aug 16, 2001
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It's so close to arriving now!

On Facebook I started a group "Strike for the Star Destroyer." We are made up of members of a private group that backed the barge. These are people who pledged and paid over $500 to Hasbro for the barge and who are already fudging up to $1,000 for the barge to the people who bought extras for sale.

So the members are including those who prove they will spend $1,000 if need be for a star destroyer. When you look at Sideshow premium format figures and life size figures, people spend $5,000 on single purchases from Star Wars fandom. I don't see finances being an issue with the Star Destroyer. I see space for a 9 ft Starship being the issue. But many Star Wars fans would donate a couch to Goodwill to make room for their Star Destroyer. (There are plenty of single Star Wars collectors, haha. But there are also those who will give up garage room or have a loft or a toy room in a larger home.)
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I still need to make room for my barge.

The one figure I’m missing is The Black Series Skiff Guard.

Tycho, I’ve seen some of your comments in the Facebook barge group. One day I was reading a comment that mentioned wanting a Dagobah Luke with the open jacket, and I thought, “that sounds like Tycho.” Then I saw the name and realized, “That is Tycho!”
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