Hasbro's Rogue One U-wing vehicle revealed

Mr. JabbaJohnL

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Nov 12, 2001
However, don't wait too long: I seem to have done just that with the Snowspeeder. :( And apparently Rey's Speeder WON'T drop in price. :mad:
Both ships have been repacked into the Rogue One line, so maybe a year from NOW you'll be able to get them on sale! :D


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Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I got a good beard.

Do you think that pairing the ship with action Fleet x-wings would pretty much show it to scale with escort Fighters? Maybe action Fleet Tie fighters fighting it? That could look cool in the movie.


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
WM had this for $20, I've been eyeballing it since it came out and finally pulled the trigger.

- decent size if this were meant to be a starfighter instead of a transport, this would be a good-sized one-man fighter
- nice sculpt, some good detail work, and not many screw holes from any angle
- good paint
- swing-wing gimmick works pretty well
- cockpit has nice sculpting
- cockpit has space for much taller figures, uses bungee cord as seat belt so no rattling figure issues
- landing gear works well and folds away
- Cassian figure below the neck has a good sculpt and paint for a 5poa figure, and even a working holster
- Nerf blaster button is well-hidden/integrated
- assembly is interesting, not too difficult (there are guiding tabs to ensure things don't get swapped)

- wings aren't accurate in length, I don't mind this but it's inaccurate
- if you can stomach the nerf blaster, it hides away, is interesting to load, satisfyingly drops down with first press, and fires with second press
- landing gear is very tall perhaps to make it seem more like a transport

- wings are thin and the tips are going to droop even in parked position, mine had one out of the box that way
- cockpit is for 1 figure, is clearly a starfighter layout, and thanks to the Nerf gun there's no belly compartment or even storage bay when at this size it could have fit minimum 2 sitting figures
- Cassian Andor likeness in sculpt and paint is akin to a cheap knockoff of a mid-transformation wolfman
- off-white plastic doesn't have weathered paint to accent the sculpt
- there's no lock on the swing-wing design, the gearing does an ok job holding them but whooshing will let them swing back to close position with some jostling
- is in no way worth $50

The U-Wing is a fun ship, but they were crazy in the face to release this at $50, and they had the wrong idea making it a one-man starfighter when the role in the film is a transport, gutting that lower deck for a drop-down nerf gun was at best a dubious choice. If you can divorce the toy from the ship's scale in the film, it's a fun item, but is a clearance-only purchase.