Huge wings in new movies - first TFA, now Rogue One continues the trend


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Aug 14, 2001
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In The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren's shuttle had wings so large that they had to fold down and camber out just to look believable. It was insane, but it was a one-off, none of the other new ship designs in the movie had wings unless they were based on existing winged Star Wars designs.

However, in Rogue One there's so many big-wing ships!

- The U-wing has wings so incredibly long that no toy so far has been able to fully represent them, those wings are more than twice as long as the ship which looks a little odd closed but positively bizarre with the wings opened wide.

- The TIE Striker has wings similar to the TIE Interceptor, except against the scale of the Striker's fuselage that makes these wings monstrously huge for a TIE Fighter variant. The ship gets away with the look because it's all it has going on, it's simple, but these wings are twice as long as the body which is akin to the TIE Bomber's starboard fuselage.

- The Imperial Cargo Shuttle has 2 pairs of wings and they're both really long.

- Director Krennic's shuttle is a concept T-16 on steroids, it has a pyramid body, a top wing backwards to the T-16 design, and then 2 folding side wings so long they have to be three times the width of the shuttle.

It's like these new Star Wars movies have wing-envy, a wing-inferiority complex. It's ok to have small wings and normal wings, nobody thinks you're less of a starship for it. Some folks like small wings.


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Jun 25, 2007
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What an interesting subject of discussion. I really hadn't noticed the penchant these new films have for size, but there it is. Even the super weapon Starkiller was larger than the Death Star.
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