just found in texas

Lazer Brain

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Oct 25, 2003
New Braunfels ,Texas
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hello , from the LONE star state, just gotthe walmart droids 2 pack these are way cool.i like all the driods that come with these
and the extra figures are pretty good too, darth vader and watto being
the weakest. as for the cpx he is great , joints at the ankles,
shoulders and elbows and he is alot taller the the other androids,
even kp3x that comes with vader has great articulation. so i know a
NEW c3po has to be in the works to get the same treatment. one other
note is kit fistos cape has a wire in it so you can make great action
poses with a wind effects cape, it was fun to play with anyway.


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Feb 13, 2002
North Dallas
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The Wal-Mart on Coit/Spring Creek in Plano has all of wave 3 except for Judo Cast. The Wal-Mart on Lake Forest near 121 (Mckinney? I think..) had at least one Judo Kast, I left him. Nice paint job though.