LEGO Star Wars UCS Y-Wing Starfighter 75181 Announced for May 4th


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Aug 7, 2006
That's a good-looking ship! My grandsons, Lance and Liam play w/KSP and other air/spacecraft design games and come up with really interesting designs, including the boosters, rockets, etc. needed to get them off the ground and out of the atmosphere to other planets in the games. They played w/Jéan's Star Wars figures, etc., when they were toddlers and he'd just sit and watch them enjoy his little R2 units, etc. w/o worrying about them harming anything - and they didn't. I still have all that. Sadly, Ken and da boyz have never had any interest in the collection, so it's here w/me in my apartment in boxes, tubs, etc. Kind of like my own little Dantooine, here.
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