Major League Baseball 2019


Jedi Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
And here we are, about 10 hours after the Super Bowl is over, we can get back to a sport that really matters!

For me, the Padres show nothing, but they are talking to Bryce Harper. That's like me talking to the makers of the Concord jet.

The Cubs look great and besides being World Series winner 3 years ago after a hundred and 108 year losing streak, perception of them as winners has no happened. They will be respected contenders for a while every year now. A trip to Chicago and some games with a few of the members of our forums, or at least BobaFrett and me, is planned for this season during the Nationals games right after the Star Wars celebration in Chicago.

On the American League side I am not sure what the Angels will do. The Red Sox will be respected contenders.

Personally I would enjoy the teams I mentioned succeeding but that's only going to be the case even possible for half of them. The Cubs and the Red Sox.

My new novel set in 1918 baseball actually sees those teams make the World Series exactly 100 years ago.

So now it's time for spring training!

Talk about your teams and predictions and great games this year.

Play ball!