Make the Train!


Sith Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
For 3 3/4" I think fish should make the train. They could sell the engine car at the front with an exclusive figure and then you could buy as many as you want of the back cars with range Troopers included. Then they could reissue it with enfys Soldier. The cars would be sold separately so you can build the train as big as you want. It looks like 20 cars in the preview.

They don't make the Heroes gang in snow gear in three and three-quarter inch yet. The 6-inch Chewbacca with goggles is a Target exclusive. They need to make a three and three quarter inch one. I think he uses the same goggles in The Empire Strikes Back. How long is wearing a snow coat. So is Lando. Beckett, Val, Kira maybe, the alien dude. I think there is a teener crew we can count for Droid. Kind of like Rebels had a crew of 6 but it got larger with racks and Ahsoka. Star Wars follows patterns Rogue one also had a crew like that. Think like Star Trek Ensemble costing.

Anyway extra range Troopers or enfys Troopers would be a good way to go with the cars. They need to be sold separately because they need to be big enough that figures can go inside of them as well.

Then the cockpit car would come with an exclusive driver figure.