Micro Machines Rogue One Death Star Question


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Question for anyone who has the MM Rogue One Death Star: Is yours missing a piece? There's apparently supposed to be a fold-out support for the flip-down walkway (which the instructions show being shot out with the missile launcher to make the walkway collapse). Anyway, mine is missing this fold-out support. The instructions don't say you need to attach this support so was it supposed to be factory installed? And on a related note, is Hasbro as good as LEGO when it comes to replacing missing pieces?


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
I didn't get this set, so I'm afraid I can't answer the first part.

The only thing I can answer is that they are no longer as good at replacing parts. They used to be pretty good, but after some changes to their management structure and the heightened demand, they now don't offer much.