New Galaxy of Adventure Vader figure


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
Kroger had a 20% off new TROS products, and right now they only carry the new Galaxy of Adventure figures - the new ones with a stylized sculpt based on animation that are 5 inches tall, sport a simple sculpt but a bunch of articulation and have replaced the 5POA basics in store planograms - so I picked up Vader, leaving behind Rey, Finn, Chewie, TROS Kylo Ren, a TROS trooper of some sort (I forget which, jet maybe), the Droid 3pack (R2, BB-8, and D-0), and the nonsensical Treadspeeder with "driver" (the only way to get the regular Stormtrooper right now, greeeeeeeedy). The basic figures go for around $10, the droid 3-pack $15, and the treadspeeder I dunno, like $20? Strangely, the basics and droid pack are in collector- and eco-friendly boxes, while the treadspeeder is in an open display so people can sneeze on your toy and stuff.


Vader has a ball-jointed neck; ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and ankles; rotation wrists; and an action-feature swivel waist that is adjustable. The right elbow and knee on mine were so tight I thought they were frozen and ruined, but in fact they worked, just very tightly. The waist is a simple spring-loaded affair a la classic He-Man figures: pull Vader's waist to the right a quarter turn, release, and his upper body springs back; you can adjust the waist by turning it to the left past its ratcheted points, this won't break the action feature, while letting you adjust the pose with ease.

Vader comes with a lightsaber that feels quite substantial, it doesn't have a removable blade so it won't break easily. His cape is also a separate piece that can be removed by easily taking off his head, no Dagobah cave required. His upper body seems to be a sculpted and painted rubber tunic on top of an unsculpted interior body, a very interesting way of doing it; I don't think there's an easy way to remove it. As you can see, there's not that much paint, and the "eyes" aren't even painted that well, but it still looks great.

While it's yet another scale to collect, the articulation is pretty great, it's nice to see a figure that knows leg poses are important, the style is very engaging, it's menacing and fun, easy to play with but also easy to pose. The left hand has a Force-choke finger pose that could probably also fit a blaster trigger.

I won't be going crazy with this line, but I think Hasbro might have cracked the code on making an interesting new figure that kids can enjoy with a product that justifies its pricepoint.