New Vintage Collection Figures in 2018


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Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I like the return of the line but there is nothing that I plan to buy here in this wave. I am going to chance having to get snoke on the secondary Market years from now even if I see him in the wild.

I only buy what I'm going to open and I really want a throne for him but like a deluxe figure. I'm not going to buy that bb-8 playset even on clearance. I would haggle if somebody wanted to pay me to make room for that thing in my displays.

I prefer to build my own throne room but want the throne itself made for me. If a third party does that I might have to get the snoke figure. Actually maybe I will do that and not wait for a deluxe figure. However what could be really cool is a throne in a deluxe set with the lightsaber that can move through him and cut him in half!

Seriously if I were Hasbro I would consider making that. His hands would be permanently on the chair and plug in at the wrists to the figure so the lightsaber can leave them on his throne. Actually his lower half and legs could just be molded to the throne and this could be a half figure with no hands.

Oh that would be awesome! It would come with two lightsabers. One ignited and one not. Or just a removable blade. Bye turning a knob on the back of the throne you could make the lightsaber chop snoke in half in the privacy of your own living room!

Oh I can't wait to tell Hasbro this one at Comic-Con or if they do another chat with fan asking for suggestions! I think I'm going to get that Sail Barge and besides Nyrat Agira or the 6-armed pancake flipping Droid, I need a new impossible Quest the way the Cantina bartender was in the old days. And I mean besides expanded universe characters only people who read the books and comics in the 90s still remember.

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Aug 16, 2001
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I saw some today, and even bought one (FO Stormtrooper). The Kylo is Darth Maul-esque; I have enough of them, and after awhile, there's not much different about them. Rey and Jyn were so-so (and I have enough of those outfits). But when I saw the cardback of Snoke, I thought "if I find that one; I'll buy it." Well, one store later, I saw it... to quote Threepio, "Oh, how horrid!" The sculpt is terrible, and in no way worth $12.99. The Hoth Soldier might be cool... or Snoke-y.


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Jan 29, 2018
Port Orange, FL
I found all of them in the stores except Hoth Rebel trooper. I only purchased Jyn, Stormtrooper and Rey since thats all I could find at first. Later I went on and there was a code to get up to 20% off so I was able to get two Hoth Rebel Troopers and Snoke and Kylo. They came out to less then 12.00 and free shipping so I was ok with that. I am really excited to see what the next set of Vintage style figures will be. I was going to get the Luke and Wampa but at the time it said prices not set or some crap. When I went back an hour later to see if anything changed, they had it up for 19.99 but it was already sold out. I did see the Sandtrooper with Dew back 6 inch in Walmart today for 59.98. I almost caved but decided to wait till I had more money and if not then it was not meant to be.
Feb 13, 2018
Didn't realize the new VC figures were out yet, so I was surprised to see them in Fred Meyer today. I was able to get Rey, Jyn, Snoke, First Order Stormtrooper, and Rebel Soldier (Hoth), but did not see Kylo Ren.
I like the entire line. Glad they finally make a Snoke in this assortment because the only way to get him in the "3 3/4" size was to buy that pricey BB8 playset. I like the Hoth Rebel Soldier and love the vintage picture of him. My first Empire Strikes back figure was a Rebel Soldier so it brings back great memories. Keep pumping out more Hasbo. I love this VC line but it is making Gentle Giant drop the 'Kenner' logo from their Star Wars jumbo line. Not sure why Hasbro has forced them to do this, they still make money off of license rights for Gentle Giant to use the likeness and the rest of the vintage style packaging. Those Jumbo figures from Gentle Giant do not look right with the 'Gentle Giant' logo in the 'Kenner' color and font.