No 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Panel at SDCC 2017

Lord Malakite

Jedi Council Member
Sep 30, 2001
Williamsburg, OH
BOOOOOO! Star Wars has had a panel at Comic-Con going back 41 years, this is not a good sign that Disney is respecting the Lucasfilm traditions.
Well, at least they haven't pulled a "Disney Power Rangers" CEO bonehead type move of going out of their way to actively and completely destroy the franchise... yet.

Bel-Cam Jos

Jedi Council Member
Aug 16, 2001
Where 'text' & 'friend' are nouns
I hate the "I knew it" feelings I have now, starting from back when Disney bought this franchise. There is a difference between "Disney-phile" and "Star Wars fan" in connotation. :( Now, I still won't be at SDC-C, so it might sound sour grapes-y, but I don't intend it to be so. IHABFAT...