oh, yeah! now they are everywhere!!!

hango fett

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just went ot a local wal-mart and they FINALLY got the han solo endor wave in. they had TONS of han (both vesions), chewie, obi-wan and they had 1 djas and 2 dooku and 1 hd ani. we got a chewie (the other one we got off ebay had a light ding in it so we got a mint condition one), djas (same reson as chewie), hd ani (variant/ tray variant.), silver droid caller han. i must say that there were at least 15 of each except djas. we go the last one! and the only ones i thoguht we might see was palpy and yoda but didn't see either of em.


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Jul 15, 2002
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Congrats on getting what you been waiting for... But too bad there weren't any Yodas... I just got my new Ani Tatooine and Ani HD again!! YESSS more to display with!!

Cheers :)


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Jun 1, 2002
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I've found everything I want except an acklay, teemto, new anakin, maul, and ki-mundi. At one time my toysrus had like 20 yodas all gone the next day though.


I went to several different stores on Sat. and found everything that I had been searching for in the last month. Even over a dozen Bloody Hand Lukes at one KB.:D

Darth Cruel

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Aug 16, 2001
Southern California
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I have always said that patience will get you what you want without having to overpay for the figures. But on the subject of the Yodas. I, to, had agreat deal of difficulty finding him until I looked under the base of the shelves. We found quite a few hidden there. The Ki-Adi-Mundi wave hasn't shown up here yet though.

Thumb Wars

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i just found today the chewbacca, djas puhr, palpatine waves. i got one of each carded for my collection. i still have yet to find yoda or count dooku. but i know if i wait it out, i will find them. i heard they are suppose to ship with the next wave, hopefully.