Old Battery Acid, Dangerous?


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Dec 20, 2004
Was moving some of my ships around to try and make room and noticed one of my vintage Tie's seemed a bit dirty.
I brought ti to the kitchen sink and started cleaning it off with water and some soft soap when i noticed battery acid stains near the battery slot.
I took a knife and pried it open and inside were 2 batteries (probably 20 years old) covered in a brown glob of old dried acid.
I totally freaked and just chucked the Tie in the trash and washed my hands.
Should i attempt to clean it or just leave it?
I'm not sure how dangerous the stuff is, i would like to clean it...




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Nov 12, 2002
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Dont throw it out. Try to clean it out. Use vinegar and water tocleran it up. AT worst, you wont be able to use the batteries anymore,but kepe the tie


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Nov 12, 2002
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No, trust me though, if you were to breathe weird fumes,it would have been done already,but over the course of 20 years. :D If your worried, just get a surgical mask and cover up the breathing utensils

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Aug 16, 2001
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See why "Batteries Not Included" was a common phrase from toy companies? They KNEW way back then that we'd all save our toys to attempt to recapture our youth and maybe even make a little money, too, so having no dangerous powering devices would lead to that. :rolleyes:

I'd recommend that if you have vehicles from the past and you kept the batteries in them, that you remove 'em. I've heard the vinegar story works, but I've also heard that the acid can spill onto any other things you have stored nearby, and that could damage those worse.


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Jan 22, 2002
First thing, take your TIE out of the trash. Its only garbage if you don't want to try and clean it up. Second, calm down about the chemicals. Get some latex gloves for your hands and like KH said a surgical mask if your worried about flumes.

Without having seen your TIE or the damage, here's the advice I can offer. If you can, remove the batteries and large chucks of leaked acid dry. It's easier to remove the big stuff by hand than let the vinegar work on the small stuff. If the batteries are glued in start soaking it in vinegar right away. I really like vinegar, it works well and I've had great luck with it. Personally I only like to soak as much of the toy as I need to. For a big leak like your describing I'd use a small bowl or wide mouth glass to soak the whole butt end.

Once all the crude is gone try some flesh batteries and see if it works. If your TIE is going to work now is the time its most likely will. There might be problems on the inside, like leaked acid, which I can also help with. Just ask. Rinse the plastic parts off with water and dry the whole thing once your.


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May 24, 2002
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A number of the modern vehicles come with batteries inside, and those vehicles need to be removed from the boxes so you can remove the batteries if you have them.
Aug 16, 2001
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And don't just throw your used batteries in the regular trash. They are considered toxic waste and need to be disposed of properly.

Give a hoot. Don't pollute! :classic:

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Aug 16, 2001
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I hope nothing happened to him with those batteries. :(