Pc heating up on star wars battlefront 2


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Jun 23, 2019
as the title suggests, I have an i7 7th gen gaming PC, and after 1 hour of gameplay my PC gets restarts and the bios says it was overheated, I asked my buddy around who's good at PC and stuff and he told me to get a better cooler, like these to resolve this issues, so my question is which one should I get from this bunch?


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Aug 14, 2001
Los Angeles, CA
It's not just you, this complaint for SWBF2(2) has caused a lot of overheats. I've heard people suggest limiting the graphics rates, lowering overclocking in their BIOS (some BIOS settings come pre-overclocked even), using a custom lower frame rate of 45FPS command (that one seems to have been overridden by a recent update though), all sorts of things.

Before you go dumping $200 on a new cooler, make sure your computer has good ventilation already, at least 6" free of any obstacles; that it's clear of dust; that no cables inside or outside are covering a vent (I had that in a recent build, the zip tie I put on cracked and the cable fell in front of an inlet); that your CPU thermal paste hasn't dried up; that your PC isn't running extra software while you're gaming, that your display drivers are up to date, simple things like that. Also, try MSI Wind suite to handle your video card and give you heat notices, or at least AMD Radeon if that's the kind of card you have (but MSI Wind was way better).