Pictures of why we need Queen Jamilla and the 6-Armed Server Droid from AOTC'


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Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I recently unpacked some of my AOTC / ROTS figures to put in a wall-hanging cabinet with my Naboo / Alderaan smallest displays.

I recreated the freighter interior (characters) that Anakin and Padme encountered. The 6 armed droid would make a great figure and foreshadows General Grievous' assembly in a way, 1 movie ahead of his appearance.

But I also need Queen Jamilla for the obvious scene.

I posed Anakin's head further turned down so the neck / jaw seam is better hidden with Black Leather Temptation Padme.

I think I should replace that build-C-3PO with a better model of the AOTC version of the character. I need to get it from another storage container.

I also have the Walmart exclusive Bail Organa with baby Princess Leia but she was included with the wrong outfit for her adopted father. I will open the exclusive so I can add the baby with this correct Bail and his wife.

Bail Organa is actually not wearing the figure's outer robe in this scene with baby Leia, but I'm thinking about leaving it on as it enhances the figure's aesthetic.

Bail from the Senate scene in ROTS is yet a different outer-robe and ceremonial chest armor piece, and of course the speeder pilot Bail still needs to be made.

But here's some shots of what diverse Star Wars figures enable you to do. P1090656.jpg P1090657.jpg P1090663.jpg P1090669.jpg P1090673.jpg