Post a picture of yourself!


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Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I saw it and have been congratulating BobaFrett on Facebook.

I hadn't gotten to this thread on SSG yet.

I haven't finished my new novel (3rd book) yet either.

I'm busy-busy-busy.

But great job Barry! I'm always grateful!


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Looks like you're also going to be on the cover of the next Walmart World magazine as well. Congrats!
I was going to try to post a couple pictures from that issue, but the photo uploader doesn't seem to work, this is my third try.

Thank you everyone, I am a celebrity of sorts at my store, I've even autographed several copies for fellow associates.


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Wow those last two pictures are awesome! Isobars to whomever had those ideas!!!
All 4 pictures were taken by a freelance photographer named Matthew, who was working for Walmart World magazine. We started the day at my Relay for Life fundraiser, then some shots inside the store, followed by a lot of pictures at my house. I wasn't sure which of the photos they would use. Walmart World magazine was kind enough to share the pictures with me. They also were the ones that gave a list to the photographer of the different shots they wanted.

Here are a few more that were taken at my house.