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Aug 16, 2001
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With about 6 hours to spare, I was able to finish reading an appropriately- titled book, A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson, for my last book of 2019. He tries to be Stephen Hawking by attempting to make "difficult" science seem relatable to "regular" people, but somehow comes up short [pun intended] on that tone. It covers various topics such as the creation and evolution of the earth, its organisms and its structure. Some interesting facts (many I didn't know about, some I think I recall, others I knew about).

My yearly reading stats are as follows:

BOOKS READ: 2018 (64 total books, 18,500 pgs., 289 pgs. per; summer: 31 books = 9,400 pgs.; 303 pgs. per)

Ahmed, S., R.Carson, M.Grant, & JJ Miller (Canto Bight, 300)
Allen, D. (On Track, 300)
Allston, A. (Terminator 3: Terminator Dreams, 300)
Andrews, J. (Munmun, 400)
Angleberger, T. (The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fear!, 200)
Asimov, I. (Fantastic Voyage, 200)
Asimov, I. (The Gods Themselves, 300)
Berne, EC (Forces of Destiny: The Leia Chronicles, 100)
Berne, EC (Forces of Destiny: The Rey Chronicles, 100)
Brown, D. (Inferno, 400)
Bryson, B. (A Short History of Nearly Everything, 500)
Bryson, B. (A Walk in the Woods, 300)
Bush, B. (Barbara Bush: A Memoir, 500)
Butler, OE (Parable of the Talents, 300)
Campbell, J. (The Ecstasy of Being: Mythology and Dance, 200)
Carson, R. (Most Wanted, 300)
Cline, E. (Ready Player One, 300)
Dalai Lama, D. Tutu, & D. Abrams (The Book of Joy, 300)
Doescher, I. (William Shakespeare’s Jedi the Last, 200)
Ende, M. (The Neverending Story, 300)
Fry, J. (The Last Jedi, 300)
Gates Jr., HL (In Search of Our Roots, 400)
Golden, C. (Assassins Creed: Heresy, 300)
Gyasi, Y. (Homegoing, 300)
Halliday, A. (No Touch Monkey!, 300)
Hardinge, F. (The Lie Tree, 300)
Hemingway, E. (A Farewell to Arms, 300)
Huddleston, T. (Adventures in Wild Space:The Cold, 200)
Huddleston, T. (Adventures in Wild Space:The Rescue, 200)
Hurston, ZN (Barracoon, 200)
Huxley, A. (Brave New World, 300)
Ione, L. (Lethal Rider, 400)
Ireland, J. (Lando’s Luck, 200)
Jacobs, AJ (The Year of Living Biblically, 300)
Klinenberg, E. (Palaces for the People, 200)
Kogge, M. (The Last Jedi Junior Novel, 200)
Lafferty, M. (Solo: A Star Wars Story, 300)
Liu, K. (The Legends of Luke Skywalker, 300)
Maradona, DA (Maradona, 300)
Martin, W. (The Lost Constitution, 500)
Nelson, W. & M. Blakely (A Tale Out of Luck, 300)
Noah, T. (Born a Crime, 300)
Older, DJ (Last Shot, 300)
Papademetriou, L. (Siren’s Storm, 300)
Queen, E. (The Player on the Other Side, 300)
Rooney, AA (Andy Rooney: 60 Years of Wisdom & Wit, 300)
Roosevelt, E. (New Deal for Death, 200)
Schrieber, J. (Solo: A Junior Novel, 200)
Smith, A. (Rabbit & Robot, 400)
Solomon, S. (American Mirror, 400)
Steves, R. (Rick Steves’ Postcards from Europe, 300)
Steves, R. & G. Openshaw (Rick Steves’ Mona Winks, 400)
Tarshis, L. (I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967, 100)
Tougas, S. (Laura Ingalls is Ruining My Life, 300)
Truman, M. (Murder in Foggy Bottom, 300)
Tyson, ND & A. Lang (Accessory to War, 400)
Vowell, S. (Lafayette in the Somewhat United States, 300)
Wallace, D. (The Rebel Files, 200)
Wein, Elizabeth (Cobalt Squadron, 300)
Wilder, LI (Little House on the Prairie, 300)
Wilder, LI (On the Banks of Plum Creek, 300)
Windham, R. & A. Bray (Stormtroopers: Beyond the Armor, 200)
Yurick, S. (The Warriors, 200)
Zahn, T. (Thrawn:Alliances, 300)

Summer Totals (15 years, 475 books = 129,800 pgs., 273 pgs. per, 32 books per summer)
Yearly Totals (since 2010: 9 years, 569 books = 148,700 pgs., 261 pgs. per, 63 books per year)

Bel-Cam Jos

Jedi Council Member
Aug 16, 2001
Where 'text' & 'friend' are nouns
School's back in session, which means my reading opportunities might be drying up. I still hope to maintain my 52-books-in-52-weeks and at-least-one-book-per-month rates for 2019. Here are my two most recent reads, both very pleasantly good.

Michael Koryta's The Ridge was not what I expected. I searched for "lighthouses" in fiction. This turned out to be a supernatural suspense/mystery/horror book with a lighthouse... in non-coastal Kentucky. The devil (or someone very similar) takes ownership of the souls of people in terrible accidents on the verge of dying. Will he be foiled? Read it.

Tom Hanks (yeah, that guy) may have had some "help" writing this anthology of short stories, Uncommon Type: Some Stories, but it still seems like the style of writing I'd expect from him. They all involve typewriters somehow; some stories are humorous, but most are "regular" people. They often seem similar to Hanks' roles (a D-Day survivor, a recent immigrant to America, a group of friends who go towards the moon, a single person either not looking for love or somehow missing it, and more). Another good one.