Retail is way too expensive


Jedi Apprentice
Aug 16, 2001
Neutral Zone
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Local walmart in Texas is now $8.96 per figure - that is the most inexpensive retail out there. Seeing that actually bummed me out cause I know I just retired from collecting. I cannot justify paying $9.50 w tax per figure. They are simply not worth $10 a pop


Jedi Apprentice
Aug 15, 2001
Hillsboro, IL
Yep, $8.96 at my Walmart as well. That eliminates the possibility of me buying any Prequel figures for sure, but it's not going to stop me from buying Weequay, Kithaba and more Gamorrean Guards when they show up.

When I was in Korea in 2000, the only options I had for buying new figures was going online and buying from places like Brian's Toys. So I was paying $20 apiece for new figures back then and I had absolutely no complaints. I've learned from experience that if price is a deterrent, then it means that I didn't really want the figure in the first place.