Rogue One Is The Best

Jan 24, 2018
Is Rogue One anyone else's favorite SW film here? I watched it again recently and it holds up very well to rewatches and every rewatch of it I do I only like it even more than I did the first time and it's further re-enforced as my new favorite SW film. Every time I watch it again I only find new things to like about it. I'm still shocked by how good it turned out and I would've never expected to leave the theater back in December 2016 and it becoming my new favorite SW film. I was definitely in the boat of fans who felt the original trilogy would never be topped but for me R1 both equalled and surpassed the OT in many ways.

Besides the incredible battle scenes which are as exciting as they are intense to watch and even genuinely harrowing, I enjoyed the much darker and more downbeat tone which maybe some didn't like but it felt like it was the right approach for the movie to take given how it's essentially an all-out war film set within the context of SW. Like other fans I really enjoyed how we finally had an SW movie all about the Empire vs. Rebels and not just the Jedi and Sith all over again. I've seen some say they didn't care for the characters but I really liked the new ensemble. For me the likes of Jyn, Cassian, K2, Baze, Chirrut, Bodhi, etc. are as memorable and lovable as the original crew of Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, etc. and I like how this movie didn't try to have them be like those characters but instead be unique in their own way. The events of this movie actually help to enrich the OT and make you want to see them again knowing what this film reveals, like it's the story behind the story. While I enjoyed both TFA and TLJ, I like other fans feel they relied too much on nostalgia with the OT and this film evoked it in a way that felt organic by doing a very different type of story within familiar settings and iconography recognizable from the OT. Even though his screentime was minimal, who didn't get goosebumps seeing Darth Vader again, back to his imposing self he was in ANH. Especially during his final scene.

I know it's a bold claim to make, but I guess I just wanted to say how much I really love R1 so much and am wondering if there's other fans here who hold it in as high a regard as I do. I'm still blown away by how excellent it turned out and reinvorgated SW in a way TFA and TLJ didn't. I'm honestly more interested in these spin-offs and "lost chapter" type of SW films after how this turned out and showed there's much to be explored in the cinematic version of the Expanded Universe.


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Aug 14, 2001
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I enjoyed Rogue One a lot when I first saw it, but I haven't gone back to it on Netflix. I really like Chirrut and Bodhi still, and K-2SO of course, although the other characters don't stick with me nearly as much. I'd probably say it's my 4th favorite after the OT.

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Aug 16, 2001
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With my love of lists (LISTS... :drool: ), I see the non-animated SW films as:
1) ESB
2) ANH
4) Rogue One
5) ROJ
6) TLJ
8) TPM
9) TFA

R1 does have a hybrid feel to it, since it is obviously meant to bridge the OT into the new audience's viewpoint. The graphics are both updated and dated, at the same time.


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Aug 15, 2001
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I really liked Rogue One when I first saw it in theaters and my love for the film has only grown since then. There are aspects of the story that I was annoyed with initially, mainly Jyn Erso being able to knock fully armored Stormtroopers unconscious with a stick, but those annoyances have died down significantly upon repeat viewings.

I actually really hated Jyn Erso based on the trailers, with her "this is a Rebellion, so I rebel" attitude, but I ended up liking her as a character in the film. So, I guess the reshoots were a good idea.

Going off of rewatch value alone, I could say that Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars film at the moment, but I'm not sure how that will change long term. However, I'll be 45 this year, so I don't want to allow what I might think about this film when I am 65 to affect my opinion of it today.

So if I were to rank the films based on my urge to sit down and watch them all in their entirety right now, it would go:
1. Rogue One
2. Empire Strikes Back
3. A New Hope
4. Return of the Jedi
5. The Force Awakens
6. The Last Jedi

The Prequels don't rank, because I haven't had the desire to sit down and watch any of those films in their entirety for nearly a decade now.

It probably doesn't hurt that my dad is a huge war movie buff, so I grew up watching war movies. And there are moments in Rogue One where I felt like I was watching a Star Wars version of The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape, or The Big Red One (except The Big Red One had 100% more Mark Hamill in it).

However, I don't think that Rogue One really works as a prequel to A New Hope. The story works best if you already know the outcome of everything. In other words, if I knew someone who had never seen a Star Wars film in their life and they wanted my recommendation for where to start, I would never recommend Rogue One as the starting point. I would also never recommend the Prequels as the starting point, because that would just be two and a half movies of me saying, "Don't worry, it gets better". If you want to make a newcomer into a Star Wars fan, then start with ANH, ESB, ROTJ, then recommend Rogue One. Everything else is supplementary and if the Orginal Trilogy doesn't make them into a fan, then it's possible that Star Wars is just not their thing.
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