Toys R Us are rip off merchants!!!!!


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i hate toys r us its official today i went out and found some lego kits...

ASDA price Toysrus
Jedi Star Fighter £ 9.90 19.99

Even worse
Tesco Toys R us
Jango fetts Slave one £ 16.99 49.99

I could go on and on

lego jango £ 12.99 34.99
loads more too

What the hell is going on..i was gonna buy the republic gunship and at te lego sets but toys r us are the only ones doing it at 89.99 how much are they ripping us on that one when are they gonna learn to look after their loyal customers!! really makes me mad!!!!! I must must of spent hundreds in their if not thousands why dont they stop treating us like idiots and give us the deals we want and i KNOW they can give!!!!!!

:frus: :frus: :frus: :frus: :frus: :frus: :frus: :frus:


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Toys R Us and Forbidden planet, first two up for hanging when the revolution comes :D

I have good faith in tesco, to be fair, when toys are new, they sell them fairly close to RRP, but a few months down the line they always knock cash off to shift stock, something alien to TRU, and forbidden plant, sale, cheap, ha!

There are beacons of light in small retailers though, theres a place near my home town (kidderminster) with a little shop called Cool collectables, though he also trades under Brians bargins, which is a little dodgy, but anyway, I picked up three action fleet, x-wing, falcon and Tie X1 for £20, when toys R us do them at £15 each. Also from now on buying most things from the us, its a bug I've only caught this year after first visiting this site a couple of months back :D


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May 29, 2002
London, UK
Maybe TRU have had a change of heart... well, we can at least pretend:

Went to the Brent X outpost today - no 2003 product, but at least all SW Saga merchandise is on 50% sale!

I don't know if this store is typical of the national TRU chain, but basic Saga figures are £2.99 each, including a plentiful supply of Saga Battle Droids.
(Shame there were no Coruscant Guards or Super Battle Droids, or I might've been tempted to make a few purchases.)

They've also got Jedi Starfighters for £9.99 and various smaller Saga vehicles/beasts for £7 or so. Slave 1 is around £15.

I thought about buying a spare Typho for customizing, but decided against it.

In the end I made do with an inflatable dinghy....


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Aug 16, 2001
My local TRU's have the deals on too. Slave-1 and Starfighter at £9.99 each. Figures (all last years) £2.99 each. Including ephant mon - bargain! The deals are national and if your TRU is not participating call the TRU HQ and ask why. They should also have the lower prices. TRU is a national chain not a franchise so individual store managers don't have the right to call the shots with prices.


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They are very up and down with there selection, but must admit i went in the other week and got saga tusken raider, Wat Tambor,Aayla secura, Barriss Offee, Ephant mon, Snowtrooper, Luke Hoth, Han Hoth and Endor soldier for £3 each, so i cant grumble there :)