UK finds.


Jedi Commander
Aug 16, 2001
As there are so many folk from the UK now posting here on SSg, I thought we could start sharing find reports.
We all face a bleak future as these figures get harder and harder to locate so why not give a little to your fellow collectors and let 'em know where you find the goodies. :)

Okay, first up is my favourite store - Bounty Hunters. A small collectibles and comic store with a big slant towards star wars. It may not be the cheapest, but I've found some beauties in there.

I recently picked up the Mynock hunt CS for £20 when I've only seen it elsewhere for around £40. I just got the entire Sabe wave and the entire Lando wave beforew that. I'm not putting the phone number in this message but send me a private message and I'll pass it on to you.

If you're into Manga or Gundam wing or stuff like that they also have stock in right now. (But you'd have to speak to them cuz I know nothing about Japanese stuff Other than I liked Akira.)

Some of the stock that Bounty Hunters has in right now:

Desert Skiff
Rebel pilots CS
Mynock hunt CS
Final Jedi duel CS
Sale of the droids CS

Freeze frame AT-AT driver £5
Freeze frame Death star droid £5

Oh and before you ask, No I don't work for them and no this isn't an advert for them. I'm just trying to help out anyone who finds stuff hard to find.