Upstate New York finds

Went to a few places yesterday, to catch-up on Christmas shopping. Of course I had to stop at Target and Kay-Bee, while making the rounds and saw that all the good SW toys are pretty much disappearing from the shelves, leaving behind a bunch of crap. The Lava figures have seemingly disappeared from Target--can anyone confirm that? Last time I was there, they had truckloads of them. Was there a clearance I missed?
Went to a few places the last couple of days to try and find some post-Christmas bargains. I did buy an Unleashed Battle Pack, the one with Grevious and Obi-Wan at the Super-Wal-Mart on Transit. That place also had a whole bunch of clearance stuff, from 11.00 Unleashed figures (Obi-Wan & Assaj) to 300th Vaders and tons of lightsabers. They also had an early-bird, mail-away special, the only one I have seen, for $30.

Media Play is going out of business and they had tons of 300th Vaders and not much else. They did have a couple of Han Solo busts for, if I am not mistaken, around $25 and a VOTC 12" Luke for around $18.


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Jan 25, 2004
Found Carkoon Wave at Target in Colonie....picked up 3-5....but they didn't have Boba Fett, so I was a little irked at that....


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i picked up 1,2,3.havent seen the rest tho.
and someone destroyed the cards, glad im an opener.
wallymart hamburg. the leia she es soo small.

oh , and ive been seein those luke and vader motorcycles.
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went out to the falls today
wal-mart: saga, everthing but the barada, and chewie
the transformers looked cool,picked up the vader one
clearance m-pire 3 bux, earybird 23 bux
k-mart : see above + variant boba-fett, vader fig cases
target : squat
tru : only fig on the shelf was a Senator Ask Aak
and an unhealthy amount of 12 inchers
(barris n shak) oh an there were regis tags
never a preety site
Media play: squat, im so sad there closing
k.b :not one single starwars fig or toy or anything
and now i hear there gonna start chase figs
Went to the Galleria today and picked up the new Titaniums at $5. For KB, that is not a horrible price at all.

Saw Transformers, Mpires on clearance and yes those stupid Motorcycles.

The Target on Walden had Barada, Solo, Bib Fortuna and Chewies. The Star Cases were on clearance for 6.98 as well as a lone Sidious vs. Mace for $10.