What are your New Year resolutions?

Bel-Cam Jos

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Aug 16, 2001
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Talk about a thread that died... 364 (or so) days after its last post. What is it, an annual thread or something? :p

In 2009 A.D. I resolve to:
- be more aware of my surroundings
- go out more often
- actually try to do the writing I keep saying I will :upset: (c'mon, Bel-Cam! )
- take advantage of what's left (time, talents, treasure as they say)
- continue to travel yearly around the sun (whisper, whisper) What? Oh, there's an 'S' not a 'V' in that spot of this word, sorry :rolleyes:
- remain healthy (physically, mentally, spiritually)



Sith Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I'm going to finish my novel and get published
I'm going to make significant steps towards getting my house (or just get it)
I'm going to make the time to have a real girlfriend
I'm going to pay more attention to my friends and check their MySpace
I am a jerk, but I'm going to try and be a little nicer when I explain "why" :D
I'm going to learn how to take better care of myself
I'm going to not be lazy and actually take better care of myself
Wow. Looking back at last year:

I DID finish my novel and had it professionally edited. I'm in a revision stage right now, but I will be published.

I did not get my house yet, but probably this year.

I'm not sure I want a real girlfriend, but I have a pseudo-relationship with a girl that once was my girlfriend and it feels like a relationship. That's how I know I need to escape.

I check my friends' MySpace pages on occasion and drop by to show I care.

I'm still a jerk, but a few people think I'm a nice guy. I can do some really nice things for people I care about.

I'm taking pretty good care of myself.

I think I'll just continue along with these goals for 2009 and I'll be alright.


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Aug 15, 2001
Hillsboro, IL
1. lose weight and get myself back under 200 pounds.
2. give up sodas completely, stick to water and herbal teas
3. learn how to cook so I can avoid fast food

1. Ditto for this year, however, I'm actually shooting for 215 which is what I weighed when I first moved to Illinois.
2. ummmm,... I'm drinking a soda as I type this.... :eek: I've actually resolved to cut down on my coffee intake. The easiest way for me to do that was to get rid of my coffee maker. Now I have to leave the apartment and buy prepared coffee if I want it now. I'm thinking that the added cost and inconvenience factor will help me to cut down my coffee intake by about 80-90%.
3. Wow! One down! :thumbsup: I've actually been living off of several pounds of ground deer meat that my friend gave me. Most of my cooking now consists of Hamburger Helper and other boxed dinners, but I got a Crock Pot for Christmas, so hopefully I can start preparing more complex recipes. For next year, I resolve to stock my freezer with meat from a deer that I killed myself. :)
4. A new one: Keep my apartment clean on a regular basis. I tend to neglect stuff like mopping the floor and scrubbing down the shower; but I resolve to do that kind of stuff more regularly. Although, I'm doing better than I was, I've gone from doing dishes every 3 or 4 weeks to doing dishes every day or every other day (of course, cooking my own meals requires me to wash dishes more frequently).

Mr. JabbaJohnL

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Nov 12, 2001
Let's go over last year's selection, then . . .

*graduate high school

*start college (if I get accepted, which I assume I will be)
Check, but I want to find a better one.

*get settled in the new house right before moving to college :rolleyes:
Check, for the most part. I'm home on break right now and my college isn't too far away anyway.

*work out my current "relationship issues" (which I seriously hope will be resolved within the next year)
There was more stupidity involved here than I care to remember . . . :dead:

*buy more Star Wars stuff that I really don't need
Check! :D

I've been trying all break to do a few things to varying success:
*work more seriously on my Star Wars room
*look for a school with a better film program
*work on a short movie with a friend (the script is done, but I need to storyboard and then actually do it)

Overall for the year, I want to:
*make more movies
*watch more "classic" movies
*spend less time doing work in college but still have good grades
*buy even MORE Star Wars stuff I don't need :D


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Like KH, I don't make New Years resolutions like I used to anymore, because I don't see any use when I know I won't keep up with them. However my goals for 2006 are to:
Goals, He funny I should have wrote these down

Lose 40 pounds
Didn't happen, instead I think I gained a few pounds, well except before my wedding, I lost some weight, but not enough to feel really good about myself, my wife and I would go out for walks each evening, but our eating habits were less then they could be.

Work less than 75 hours a week
Got that one, I now work about 65 hours a week, big change there.....not!

Get off of Diet Pepsi (it's like a drug, I just can't shake)
i did manage to get off that junk for about 4 mionths, started feeling really good about myself, was drinking more water, but then I drank just one, and got an IV of Diet Pepsi hooked up to me. (I wish)

Get the spots on my legs checked by a doctor/get a medical health check
This one I managed to keep, I had my legs checked by a few doctors, and had laser surgery done, it seems the spots were from iron deposits from the vericous veins. I hate my legs, and you will never see me in shorts!

Did I post those in 2006/2007? Because I hade my legs checked in 2007, and did a year follow up in 2008, hmmmm, curious.


Jedi Commander
Yes I do, I have a movie I am going to see with a girl tomorrow. She has a boyfriend, but it sounds like this guy does nothing for her, including taking her out to the movies. It will be nice to see a movie with someone of the oppisite sex. I would like a girlfriend too, but my life is just to busy to have a successful relationship, so this will be the closest thing to it, without having to have a girlfriend.
Hmmm, I'm trying to remember what girl I took to a movie. I don't think it ever happened, oh well, I'm married now so it doesn't matter.

Bel-Cam Jos

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Aug 16, 2001
Where 'text' & 'friend' are nouns
In the year 2008 I will* resolve to:

- be more "spiritual" (can't go into specifics without turning this into a Rancor Pit thread).
- take less obsession and time with my job, beyond expected levels.
- really work on my book. Seriously.
- still try to read 30+ books this summer (maybe break the 10,000 page barrier this time :eek: )
- look into a Masters program
- travel out of the area at least once

['Will' connotes an attempt at certainty and not an expressed contractual intent to guarantee certainty. Not valid in California if voided by lethargy and/or dismissal of said terms]
Since others are checking their lists, I resolve to do the same.
#1... became a non-issue, I suppose.
#2... tried, perhaps succeeded, became a bit apathetic (does that count? :D).
#3... lame tries, basically failed.
#4... "only" read about 26 books, IIRC. Failed? :rolleyes:
#5... never did anything about that. Failed.
#6... don't know what was considered "out of the area," but I did visit family in Reno, went down to San Diego a couple times. So I'll say that was a yes.


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Jan 1, 2002
My only resolution is to get back to Michigan safe and sound. That should be accomplished by the 3rd, meaning I have 362 days of not having to worry about not keeping my resolution(s).


Sith Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I can't wait, it seems like, from what I've read it will be an awesome book!
Thanks Sith_Killer99.

A shameless plug: www.myspace.com/seeyoulatergator1 Friend-Request Me!

I keep my blogs pretty up to date with how my effort is going.

With my editor's recommendation that my book instead becomes 2 novels instead, I had to take a step back and digest that advice for a while (plus I had personal experiences to attend to like the passing of my grandmother).

So now I'm poised to watch 3:10 To Yuma to get me back in the mood to polish off what will be my first book, now set entirely in the 1860's with the sequel resolving the storyline (which was originally all part of the first book).

My New New Year's Resolution ought to get my butt working on it pronto!


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Sep 5, 2001
Fort Hood, TX
Well, here we are 2010!

My New Years Resolutions for 2010:

1. Reach my goal weight of 165 lbs (Need to lose 15 lbs)
2. Get promoted
3. Finish my BA in Political Science
4. Apply for and get accepted to OCS (Lofty goal, given my age, but worth the effort)

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. Thankfully 2009 is gone and with it perhaps the bad luck that seemed to close out the decade.:(


Sith Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I'm going to post them as I think of them.

RESOLUTION ONE: clean house. Today is Jan 1st. There are 10 or 11 "areas" in my 2 bedroom apartment to clean. If I do one per day, I will have this done in about 12 days (including cleaning my Cherokee one of those days).

Today I have already completed most of my guest bathroom. It is antiseptically clean, as I had maid-service cover my whole place, but I am also organizing and eliminating extra stuff from all of my cabinets.

I get to play with some of my toys while I'm at it, because 2 installments to my collection were stored in extra cabinet space there:

1) Escape from the Human Resistance scene from Terminator Salvation. My rare Warthog jet from that collection provides cover as Blair and Marcus make their escape from Connor's base, with Connor and Barnes in pursuit. I was setting this simple display up to see if I could use the Desert Attack GI Joe battlepack to augment my Resistance troops, but they are larger than the Terminator figures and I should not buy them. (Terminator figures are the same size as SW figures, but Joes actually came out larger - maybe 3 7/8")

2) Battle at the Pyramids from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen - I'm doing this again with HotWheels, Matchbox, Tailwinds, and mainly Transformers RPMs. I've opened the Autobots thus far, including a Tailwinds SR-71 to stand in for Jetfire. Looks great! They're just on my bathroom countertop, but I like the way they all look together, loose and out of the packages. I'm going to open the Decepticons in a little bit. I've augmented their RPM ranks with Tailwinds and Matchbox as well - that way I have all the Constructicons and a better scaled Starscream.


I weigh about 163 right now. I want to go back to 156. When I got my bad kidneys removed, I went down to 153, had no appetite while I was healing, dropped to 151, then came back to level out at 156 when I'm working out regularly. So I need to lose 7lbs. That can come off in only a few days.

RESOLUTION TWO: To keep up with my fitness program. I will start Sunday. Because of my hernia surgery, I am only allowed on the eliptical right now (and I'll do calf raises to strengthen those), but my doctor doesn't want me going back to my full routine until February when I have a one-year-anniversary check-up from my kidney transplant. But the eliptical is what really does work you out and take off weight. I also do the stationary bike, but the sitting will hurt my hernia while it heals right now, so - February. However, the weight goal can be met. I just can't start getting "buff" again until February.

RESOLUTION THREE: I will also get a job. My BA is finished (economics and political science), but I am conflicted. Maybe you guys can help?

I'd like to work where I could be happy and have excitement and fun on the job, and meet a lot of young ladies. My serious political ambitions are on hold indefinitely right now. San Diego is bankrupt, and our state and country don't look to be in good shape either. My liberal, social-capitalist political values may not be achieveable (good luck President Obama) right now, so I can concentrate on other things.

I certainly need to finish my novel - the story is complete and it has been professionally edited. I have to make the changes the editor wants, then have it re-reviewed (whereas hopefully it will be in publishing form), then send letters out with synopsies like crazy, hitting up my contacts I made at the writers' conventions I've gone to, in order to get this thing finally published. It takes a long time to get into the 19th Century mindset. I can't take 20/21st century conveniences for granted. If I needed supplies, I'd have to at least think about getting them on horseback and defending myself with a six-shooter if necessary - not making calls on my cellphone or ordering on the internet.

I also need time to work in my storage, as I'm paying for a 3rd unit right now just so I can have space to re-package and inventorize my collection. How many more Republic Fighter Tank Drivers do I need? Super Battle Droids? Are they packed right so I know what "thematic rooms" they'll eventually be delivered to? When I work, the goal will be to eventually buy a house. The house is to set up my collection.

So advancing to a job that will allow me to afford that is the longterm goal, but right now I also need to establish a work-history again, and demonstrate I'm reliable to hire.

Bartending might do that and let me meet some ladies. That was my idea from the get-go for going to bartending school.

I'm also applying for positions with the Padres, as I love baseball and know a lot of people in San Diego's organization. That might make for a work environment I'm very happy to be a part of.

But I've recovered from my surgeries, and it's time to get back into the work-world.

Sith_Killer99 - my father enlisted in the Navy to get his college money. My family was very poor during the Depression and early post-WWII years. He liked military service and stayed on reserves while he went to college after his tour enlisted. Then he went to OCS. He stayed in until he made Commander, but my mom made him get out of serving on ships so he'd be home once I'd made my appearance. That didn't work out the way she planned though.

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful New Year. Thankfully 2009 is gone and with it perhaps the bad luck that seemed to close out the decade.
2009 was actually a year of good luck and great progress for me. I originally logged on to start a thread about that. 2010 should be much better, but I will look back fondly at 2009, as it was a milestone year in my life - and why I'm even alive to see 2010!


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Sep 5, 2001
Fort Hood, TX
Well, I was 155 lbs when I joined the Army out of High School. Went up to 165 lbs after basic training, I was pretty solid back then, still pretty solid, Army life. However, I went up to 170-175 for many years. When I was in Afghanistan I was right at 170 lbs and still wanted to drop about 5 lbs.

Then I got home and the wife got pregnant and I went up to about 180 lbs. so I feel a little down about my current weight. Don't get me wrong 180 lbs for a guy 5'9" isn't bad (I'm well under the Army standard), but I REALLY want to tone up. I'm still pretty solid as I do a lot of PT, but need to focus on more cardio.:yes:

The plan is to hit the eliptical machine 1 hour per day (on top of my regular PT schedule), which should get me where I want to be in no time.

I always thought I would stay on the enlisted side of the military, I love it so much. However, I have come to the conclusion that I really want to be in a better position to make a bigger impact. I get a little tired of listening to young officers who have no idea what they are doing and won't listen when you try to point them in the right direction. I have no doubt that my experience would make me a much better officer than most of the ones I work with every day.

Tycho, in terms of your political career, I would recommend going to work as a political adviser. Stay out of the ring, but help other with their agenda, help officials to get elected, etc. The other option would be to go to work as a lobbyist. That would give you an opportunity to advocate for something you believe in and develop a real sense of accomplishment.:thumbsup:

I recommend the NRA!:D

Oh, and finish that novel, I am dying to read it!!!


Sith Knight
Aug 16, 2001
San Diego, CA
I'm 5'9" also Sith_Killer99. I think I am ideal at about 156 lbs, but yes, adding muscle can keep you toned but add weight. So long as it is proportional, 180 shouldn't be too bad. However, if your pants' waist size has increased, cut it down.

On the eliptical, I've set a very lazy goal, but one I HAVE to achieve: 1 minute more per day. Our gym's machines have a cool-down period that's somewhat proportional to your workout, too. That is, if I do 1 minute at the fat-burn level, I'll have to do another minute on the cool-down level.

So in a week, I'll be doing 8 minutes. In two weeks, probably 20 minutes.

You really only need to do about 30 minutes anyway - at least in our gym, that's the time-limit that's imposed, but never enforced.

However, I have a whole workout routine that I need time for, so I'll have to top out at 30 minutes on the thing. Considering I only want to lose 7lbs and then maintain (unless if it's muscle gain), I probably won't ever need to exceed 30 minutes anyway.

But to jump on for an hour on your first day is not going to be healthy for you!

My father was enlisted before he became an officer. You will become a VERY respected officer for going that route, and also, you will be an inspiration to the young enlisted who may otherwise waste their college benefits and not achieve anything in life after their time in the service.

Tycho, in terms of your political career, I would recommend going to work as a political adviser. Stay out of the ring, but help other with their agenda, help officials to get elected, etc. The other option would be to go to work as a lobbyist. That would give you an opportunity to advocate for something you believe in and develop a real sense of accomplishment.

I recommend the NRA!
That's possible. I'm involved in volunteering for Donate Life already.

Meanwhile, you and I see eye-to-eye on most gun ownership issues - though not necessarily on assault rifles (I don't recall). However, I don't think lobbying for gun rights is the best use of any skill I might have in that area. The environment, clean home-supplied energy, aid for the homeless, education and prison reform, healthcare reform, mass-transit reform - all these are issues better served by my time. If they don't take my guns - and allow me to carry loaded, keep in my vehicle loaded (but hidden from view), then I am fine. We need to liberalize some gun laws (funny because political liberals restrict - not liberalize gun rules) and re-teach our youth respect for the weapons, and conflict resolution skills. We also need to expand social services and help for people so mid-life adults don't go on office shooting rampages either. Anyway, we better keep the rest of this discussion in the Rancor Pit. It only fits here in that I went shooting for my birthday this past year. I did real good, too - so I don't know if I need to make a resolution to improve my aim. It doesn't really get any better than a few bullseyes.

Oh, and finish that novel, I am dying to read it
I know. I know. Working on it today I hope.