Biggs Darklighter #04

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Rebel hero and X-wing pilot Biggs Darklighter battles imperial TIE Fighters during the assault on the first Death Star.

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A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi

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1 review for Biggs Darklighter #04

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hasbro’s last figure of Biggs Darklighter in his X-wing pilot gear came out in 2007, right before they went nuts and started releasing super-articulated versions of nearly every pilot glimpsed in the original trilogy. So, uh, now it’s Biggs’ turn in The Black Series! Mercifully not based on the ubiquitous pilot Luke body, the Beggar’s Canyon enthusiast uses the 2009 Evolutions John D. Branon sculpt with the lower legs switched as on the comic pack Quarren, Nrin Vakil. The flightsuit is sculpted beautifully, but the color here is too purple as he’s a little darker than the Yavin Pilots Pack figures. Speaking of Toys R Us exclusives, Biggs’ X-wing is now available there in Vintage packaging – a rare but welcome instance of the pilot and vehicle being available simultaneously. And yes, Biggs fits in the cockpit just fine.
    When comparing headsculpts, the 2007 30th Anniversary Collection figure now looks laughably outdated. This new Red Three captures Garrick Hagon’s likeness extremely well, even going so far as to sculpt his hair exactly as it appears in the Yavin hangar, but his squint makes him look a little more like Charles Bronson. His helmet looks good from the front, but the back is missing several paint applications last seen on the 1998 Power of the Force 2 figure. Aside from his helmet, his only accessory is an unpainted black Rebel blaster.
    With Biggs’ release, the first half of Red Squadron is now up to speed, but we haven’t seen anything from Red Seven through Twelve (not to mention a few Y-wing pilots from the hangar). As with all of The Black Series’ first wave, Biggs was first revealed for the now-cancelled Legacy Collection revival, but the biggest shame of all is that he wasn’t released on a Vintage Collection card – he’s one of a handful of A New Hope characters unreleased in the real vintage line that would have fit in perfectly back in the ’70s. As a plain ol’ Black Series figure, though, he’s a worthy and important addition to the super-articulated Rebel ranks.

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