Clone Commander Neyo #16

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This clone commander is leading a speeder bike recon team on Saleucami when he receives Order 66.

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The Clone Wars, Revenge of the Sith

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1 review for Clone Commander Neyo #16

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Black Series certainly hasn’t been at a loss for clone troopers, with the first two waves bringing three ranks in addition to a few white-armored Imperial troops. But the first named clone in the line is also by far the most interesting: Clone Commander Neyo, the BARC biker who guns down Stass Allie on Saleucami in Revenge of the Sith (with presumably no relation to the rapper of the same name). Neyo has one previous figure, which was first released in the Walmart exclusive Treachery on Saleucami battle pack (30th Anniversary Collection, 2007) and subsequently chosen by voters as a Saga Legends repack (30th Anniversary Collection, 2008). There have been three additional 91st Reconnaissance Corps figures, including a Saleucami Trooper (The Legacy Collection, 2009) identical to the previous Neyo minus any battle damage.

    This Neyo is the 11th clone to use the 2011 Vintage Collection body and adds several notable upgrades. His portrait is based on concept art from The Clone Wars – while the commander showed up with pit droid WAC-47 in Season Five’s D-Squad arc, he was never seen without his helmet – which accounts for his longer hair and green Aurebesh “CC-8826” tattoo. His head is more in-scale than the standard pea-sized clone noggin typically seen on this body, resulting in an oversized but still very well sculpted helmet. (It’s the same phase II design that Captain Fordo wore in the Clone Wars micro-series, and Hasbro’s ARC Trooper Commander [The Vintage Collection, 2012] included a stylized cartoony version, so customizers, do your duty.) His torso has been retooled to include new gear on his back; clone troopers in Revenge of the Sith actually have different supplies on their backs, which Hasbro hasn’t noticed/exploited much. And of course, he has a new harness as well. Aside from his helmet, Neyo’s only other accessory is the same unpainted DC-15 blaster that other clones have been sporting lately.

    Neyo’s biggest issue is the wildly uneven weathering. It’s nice to see Hasbro trying this again, since rising costs have led to a decrease in these kind of paint apps, but it might have been preferable for them to leave it off this figure altogether. In the film, Neyo’s armor has some black scuff marks, similar to the ones seen on his original release. Here, brown streaks make it look like he was biking behind a bantha. My sample is particularly heavy on his upper right arm, and there isn’t any weathering at all on his harness, so try to find a sample with weathering that looks good to you.

    To paraphrase my comments from our Year In Review, Neyo’s sheer cool factor makes it easy to overlook these flaws. We got too many clones too fast in The Black Series’ first waves, but if they all felt as fresh as Neyo, I don’t think anyone would mind.

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