Death Star Scanning Crew

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The Millennium Falcon is captured by the Death Star.  A scanning crew checks the ship for crew or Droids, while an Imperial officer monitors the investigation.

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1 review for Death Star Scanning Crew

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    When Hasbro released the Imperial Scanning Crew (Legacy Collection, 2009), they announced that there would be a running change with a new head sculpt and the top half of the scanning equipment. It took four years to finally get the second scanning crew member, but Hasbro went above and beyond to flesh out the Death Star scene with their Kmart exclusive Special Action Figure Sets.

    The Death Star Scanning Crew set includes a repack of the 2009 figure, rechristened Imperial Technician. Here the skin is cast in a paler, slightly yellower plastic, so he looks a little sicklier this time. His blaster is cast in a slightly lighter gray plastic and left unpainted. On my sample, the sideburns are painted poorly, but it’s hard to say if it’s sloppiness on Hasbro’s part of just the risk that comes with purchasing boxed figures sight unseen.

    The Imperial Officer figure is based on Pol Tredium, the character who tries to ensure that TK-421 isn’t slacking off and ends up getting smacked to death by a Wookiee. His body is based on Captain Needa (The Legacy Collection, 2009), which was modified from the Death Star Trooper (30th Anniversary Collection, 2007). It’s a good use of an existing mold with a new head and rank badge but the body is probably too tall for the character. Needa’s gloves look strange when passing for ungloved hands – that, or Tredium has really fat wrists. He includes the same removable hat from Needa and the fold-out blaster from the Sandtrooper (The Vintage Collection, 2012).

    The Imperial scanning equipment included is a repaint of the accessory that came with the 2009 Imperial Scanning Crew. White and gray details have been added and some inaccurate red stripes have been excised to make it closer to its onscreen appearance. The wheels rotate more freely than the original release but nothing about the mold seems to have changed so it could just be my sample.

    The redundant figure and scanning accessory are good for collectors who missed out on the 2009 figure, but even then this is clearly the less interesting set here. Combined with the Imperial Scanning Crew, though, it makes for a great little Death Star diorama.

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