Ewok Assault Catapult

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The Ewoks help a Rebel strike team capture the shield generator that is protecting the second Death Star from attack.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Kmart continues their wonderful Return of the Jedi-themed Vintage Collection exclusives with the Ewok Assault Catapult. The catapult itself is made from a slightly rubbery plastic, with the base pieces being more rigid than the flexible throwing arm. A paint wash and some painted green moss add life to the predominantly brown logs. A braided string connects the arm to a spool that can rotate to pull the arm back, or the string can simply be pulled back as in the film, but the easiest method is just to pull the arm back yourself. Either of the identical gray stones can plug onto the catapult and be launched. It’s better at achieving distance than height, so any approaching AT-STs are more likely to get hit in the legs than in the cockpit.

    When Hasbro first revealed this set at New York Toy Fair 2013, the set included a “dalmation” Ewok with white fur and black polka dots – an Ewok who assists with the catapult – but the final set includes the two furballs who work the throwing arm.

    Chubbray is the brown Ewok – he borrows his head from Logray (Ewok Medicine Man, The Vintage Collection, 2011), his body from Graak (Romba & Graak, 30th Anniversary Collection, 2007), his ill-fitting hood from Kneesaa (Toys R Us exclusive Ewok Pack, Movie Heroes, 2012), and his spear from Romba (Romba & Graak, 30th Anniversary Collection, 2007). He’s got a white diamond-shaped patch of fur on his face that makes him look like David Bowie; the only shame is that they didn’t just use the white to paint his teeth. He has 10 points of articulation including ball-joint neck, shoulders, and ankles.

    So that means Stemzee is the cream-and-tan striped one ¬– he takes his head from Nho’Apakk (Ewoks, Legacy Collection, 2009), his body from Logray (Ewok Medicine Man, The Vintage Collection, 2011), his hood from Nanta (Toys R Us exclusive Ewok Pack, Movie Heroes, 2012), and his spear from Wicket (The Vintage Collection, 2010). His blue hood makes him pop and he seems to be a more accurate stealth update of Nho’Apakk (Ewoks, Legacy Collection, 2009). He has 12 points of articulation including ball-joint head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles.

    For fans of the magnificent Ewok figures Hasbro has been releasing lately, this set is a must. The catapult beefs up the Ewoks’ arsenal, fleshes out Endor dioramas, and brings another vintage item into the modern line. Yub nub indeed.

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