Luke Skywalker #11

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Luke battles Darth Vader on a narrow platform in Cloud City and rejects Vader’s urging to turn to the dark side and rule the galaxy with him.

“You’ll find I’m full of surprises.”

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1 review for Luke Skywalker #11

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hasbro concludes the third wave of their 6” Black Series with Luke Skywalker, decked out in his khaki fatigues as seen on Dagobah and Cloud City. As with many figures in this line, Luke looks pretty plain in the window box but comes alive when posed. The articulation is in line with other 6” Black Series figures seen so far, meaning he can achieve any pose from dueling to sitting cross-legged. His right hand is posed to fire the blaster and his left is curved slightly toward his body with the ball joint positioned perpendicularly and thus unable to change it. And while I’m sure his right hand is detachable after some boil-and-pop, it’s not designed for easy removability.

    Hasbro has previously released five unique sculpts of Bespin Luke in the modern 3 3/4” scale (one of which also had several repaints and a head swap), but the increased detail makes this one far more film-accurate than his shorter cousins. This is the second version of young Skywalker in the 6” scale, following the X-wing pilot uniform from A New Hope. The two are identical in height, and this figure’s head can fit on the first figure’s body to easily make a post-car accident version of pilot Luke; the skin tones don’t quite match but it’s an otherwise good fit.

    Luke’s blaster is only slightly different from the first release’s weapon, with a few barely noticeable differences and a more properly painted handle. The blaster fits into his holster, designed similarly to the one seen on Han Solo (The Black Series, 2013). Luke’s lightsaber is a new sculpt designed to better reflect the prop from The Empire Strikes Back, though the blade is more pale like the weapon of wave mate Obi-Wan Kenobi (The Black Series, 2014). The removable hilt loops onto his belt just as it did on the pilot figure but has difficulty laying flat against his body. This line seems to be skimping on accessories – a Dagobah Vader head or a tourniquet would have been nice – but at least Luke has his essential gear.

    There’s already a third 6” Luke figure on tap for later this year, based on his Death Star II duds, meaning we’ll soon have a version from each original trilogy film. Human figures have already shown to be generally slower sellers in this line, so hopefully the Luke overload won’t cause any issues. While it would have been nice to see other characters get their due first, this Luke is going to look great posed with figures like the already-confirmed Darth Vader and the not-confirmed-but-of-course-they’ll-make-him Yoda. The Force is definitely with this figure.

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