Merumeru #15

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This Wookiee captain leads the Wookiee defense forces against the invading Separatist army during the Battle of Kashyyyk.

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1 review for Merumeru #15

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    After two full waves of resculpts, repacks, and repaints, The Black Series finally brings us a never-before-made character: Merumeru! This proud son of Kashyyyk leads the battle charge in Revenge of the Sith and has the armor to prove it. This release is the first all-new, non-animated Wookiee figure since 2005.

    A little short for a Wookiee, the bulky Merumeru sports a completely new sculpt from head to toe. If Hasbro were so inclined, they could easily trot out another Wookiee warrior by replacing the head, armor, and forearm (his wrist armor is sculpted on). He doesn’t have a waist joint, but the super articulation still allows him to strike a number of poses – except, unfortunately, for those he holds in the film. Attempting to lift his arms too much will raise the shoulder armor and pop off the helmet, so “good enough” will have to suffice here.

    All of Merumeru’s accessories are also newly sculpted. The noticeably oversized helmet is similar to the one first seen on Wookiee Warrior (Sneak Preview – Revenge of the Sith, 2005). Likewise, we’ve seen similar armor on Tarfful (Firing Bowcaster! – Revenge of the Sith, 2005), but here it’s a separate, removable piece. The blaster is a new addition to the line, and so is the ceremonial staff, which is packaged as two separate parts. Between the copper blaster, the helmet’s green accents, and the staff’s turquoise embellishments, there’s enough color here to give Merumeru some nice visual pop.

    Despite not quite being able to recreate his iconic poses, Merumeru is still a worthy addition to your collection and an integral part of any Kashyyyk setup.

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