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Pablo-Jill is an Ongree Jedi Knight who battles Separatist forces during the Battle of Geonosis.

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1 review for Pablo-Jill #10

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Pablo-Jill is more than just a goofy name – he’s also got an upside-down duck face! The Ongree Jedi from Attack of the Clones makes his second appearance in the line, after the earlier Pablo-Jill (“Post-Original Trilogy Collection,” 2004). The character only walks through a hallway and then ignites his lightsaber next to Kit Fisto but he looks cool so here’s a new one!

    Pablo-Jill features the now-standard 14 points of articulation; his head and waist are the only swivel joints. His ball-socket wrists help him to hold his lightsaber easily and his rocker ankles allow him to balance in crazy battle poses. His legs are bizarre by nature of the film design, and while his hips feature ball joints, they’re positioned in such a way that he can’t really sit. Not that he really needs to sit much, but as this body could easily be reused for Coleman Kcaj – the last unmade Jedi Council member and a character who’s really just a redesign of Jill with a different mouth – it’s worth noting. His coloring is more accurate to the film and looks spiffy with his golden eyes, subtle wash on his skin, and two-tone beak.

    Perhaps because he’s a hefty figure, his cloak actually fits very well. The hood can fold back over his humpback and the sleeves are flowing but not too long. His lightsaber is a new sculpt based on his design. His belt includes a hole, but he has no hilt to plug into it. Even though we’ve seen the character before, Pablo-Jill is a very welcome addition to The Black Series – after a wave of nothing but resculpted humans, he makes for a nice change of pace and is a well-executed figure in and of himself.

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