Padmé Amidala #01

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Padmé Amidala is captured during a mission to Geonosis and must fight for her life in the execution arena.

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Attack of the Clones

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1 review for Padmé Amidala #01

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The first release in The Black Series 3 ¾” line is none other than everyone’s favorite queen-turned-senator, Padmé Amidala! Ready for aggressive negotiations in her Nexu-ripped attire, this is the first direct update to the 2002 Arena Escape version and the fifth unique Geonosis Padmé overall. This figure was originally slated to appear alongside Attack of the Clones 3D as part of the resurrected Legacy Collection but now holds the dubious distinction of being the only all-new figure in The Black Series’ first wave.
    Hasbro could have easily reused parts from the 2008 Evolutions figure, but this release features a more accurately proportioned sculpt with a stunning portrait and 14 points of articulation. Even her Battle Droid blaster and Naboo pistol appear to be newly sculpted despite the fact that we’ve seen both weapons many times. She has no problem holding the accessories in a variety of poses, and the pistol can also be stored in a disconcertingly phallic holster.
    The only real knock against this figure is that her right elbow joint is cast in off-white plastic instead of the proper flesh tone. This cost-cutting move has marred the look of other figures, but thankfully the difference in tone here isn’t too egregious – and if it is to you, it can be covered simply by bending her arm. But don’t let that deter you, since with or without the elbow, Padmé is a great and much-needed update that belongs in your collection.

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