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Hot Wheels has entered the Star Wars Universe to restore speed to the galaxy!

Luke Skywalker and his trusty droid, R2-D2, can navigate even the toughest terrain with the force on their side, while the masterful Yoda can proper to mind-blowing speeds.

But watch out for Darth Vader and his Imperial Stormtrooper – these menacing machines are ready to tear up the track and battle the Jedi in a four-wheel face-off!

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A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith

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    Mattel’s first-ever journey to the galaxy far, far away mashes up iconic Star Wars characters with the classic Hot Wheels line. This Target exclusive set brings together four character cars from wave one-Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2 (Chewbacca’s the only one missing from the main line‘s first wave)-and includes a battle-damaged Stormtrooper. Each 1:64 scale car takes design elements big and small from the corresponding characters. The human characters get full-length cars while the smaller guys’ rides are appropriately shorter. Each of the cars’ undercarriages include an insignia to denote their affiliation: Rebel, Imperial, or Jedi. Disney has made similarly character-inspired cars in their parks-exclusive Racers line, but this line brings that idea to a wider audience and dials back the cute factor significantly. The Racers felt more like the characters had been transformed into cars, while these are more like regular cars have been designed based on the characters.

    R2-D2’s car is inspired by a bubble hot rod, with the astromech’s blue-accented dome acting as the translucent bubble. The shiny blue metallic rims really pop, and so does the exposed silver engine. There are lots of shapes and design cues taken from Artoo’s body repurposed as car details, and the droid-to-vehicle transformation doesn’t feel too unnatural.

    The Luke car is based on his X-wing pilot gear. His helmet makes up the back half of the car while his flight suit is represented in the body. The windshield is supposed to be yellow-orange like his visor, but the blue interior makes it look green from many angles. Luke’s blue lightsaber acts as translucent running boards on either side of the car, though the vague hilt details look more like Obi-Wan’s weapon. The blade’s translucent blue is also seen in the headlights, while the body’s vibrant orange is reflected in the metallic rims.

    While the other cars in this set only feature plastic in the undercarriages, windshields, and assorted small details, Yoda flips that ratio with plastic parts based on his head, robe, and ears; the only metal here is seen in the rims and rear engine. The predominantly green body is broken up by brown and tan parts meant to evoke his Jedi robes. The lightsabers on either side are painted, not translucent plastic. The ears are positioned in such a way that they’re more evocative of a rabbit than our little green friend, and they move quite easily, so hopefully they’ll be able to hold up to long-term display or rough-and-tumble play.

    Vader’s car isn’t quite as breathtaking as the full-size version seen at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but it’s still most impressive. The car is essentially just his helmet stretched into the shape of a vehicle, with his lenses acting as windshields and his mouth grill acting as, well, a grill. His chest armor and control panel are seen breaking up the space between his “eyes” and “nose.” His lightsaber is also seen as the translucent running boards on either side, but they don’t let in as much light as Luke’s sabers. I guess you could say they’re a little bit on the dark side. HEY-O!

    The Stormtrooper seen here is an exclusive battle damage variant; the non-damaged version has yet to make it into the main line. Black and gray scuff marks reach nearly every part of the car’s white body, with singe marks that look like this car has either seen some intense action or had severe engine trouble. The spoiler feels a little out of place, but overall the look is appropriately menacing and sleek. The helmet is clearly the predominant inspiration here, but there are also details taken from the back of the armor (the “OII” design) and the troopers’ blaster (as seen on the rear of the car).

    This set would make a fantastic gift this holiday season, offering a good selection of good and evil characters ready for racing. It is also a nice way for collectors to get familiar with this new expression and to see how Mattel handles different characters here. The Hot Wheels line will soon also include regular racecars with poster-inspired wrapping designs as well as die-cast vehicles from the saga, but this is a very fun introduction to a promising new licensee.

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